Welcome to Humana Points Of Care

Welcome to Humana Points of Care

Connect, learn, and find support

Whether you're caring for someone or looking to improve your own
health, we have tools to help. With points of care, you can access
multiple resources, all in one place.

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Care Circle

Share information with other registered members, including friends and family. Whether it's important articles, crucial planning information or just a personal update. Care circle lets you interact and share with those closest to you.

Care Library

Find articles about specific health conditions and learn ways to help manage them. Caregivers can also find guidance on managing day-to-day care, along with planning for long term.

Community Resource Directory

Our online guide helps you locate local and national resources, such as support groups, medication assistance programs and transportation.


Available at no additional cost to Humana Points of Care members, this advance directives program helps you create an emergency medical care plan. If you’re unable to communicate your wishes on palliative care, home health care and a living will, your family and doctors can make decisions on your behalf that reflect your choices.

Need home care?

Professional caregivers from Humana at Home can provide the support you need.