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Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

With a primary focus on the workplace, the majority of our initiatives concentrate on building awareness and capabilities from within. We seek to create a diverse and inclusive workforce that connects us to consumers and drives business opportunities. In the marketplace, we try to position the organization for growth by connecting emotionally with a wider customer base. We focus on the well-being of our associates and the communities we serve, utilizing our strategic partnerships and alliances with our Executive Inclusion & Diversity Council and Network Resource Groups to provide business outreach and professional development for our associates.

Executive Inclusion & Diversity Council

Led by Humana's President and CEO Bruce Broussard, the Executive I&D Council brings a unique perspective allowing Humana to look, not only internally at its own associates, but at the diverse markets it serves through the lens of inclusion and diversity. In turn, Humana can truly connect with people, no matter their culture or circumstances, and achieve the enterprise goal of improving the health of the communities we serve by making it easy for them to achieve their best health.

These individuals are passionate about I&D and the value it creates for Humana associates and our business.

Council Chair

Woman stretching
Bruce Broussard

Chief Executive Officer

Council Co-Chairs

Woman stretching
Kathy Minx

Vice President – Healthcare Services Strategy

Woman stretching
Alan Wheatley

Segment President - Retail, Admin - Sr. Products

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Jaewon Ryu

Segment Vice President and President - Integrated Care Delivery

Council Members

Emily Allen

Director - Enterprise Goal

Mike Bellissimo

Segment Vice President - Commercial Service Operations

Kate Blackmon

Partners in Primary Care - Vice President

John Brown

Service Vice President - Medicare Service Ops

Marsden Connolly

Segment Vice President and President - Clinical Care Services

Roger Cude

Enterprise Vice President - HR Leadership

Pattie Dale Tye

Segment Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

William Fleming

Segment Vice President and President - Humana Pharmacy Solutions, HPS Administration

Vipin Gopal

Vice President – Clinical Analytics (CODA)

Carleen Haas

Chief Talent Officer

AJ Hubbard

Director - Inclusion & Diversity

Maria Hughes

Enterprise Vice President - Management Consulting

Brian Keinsley

Enterprise Vice President - Information Technology

Jon Kerekes

Enterprise Vice President - Consumer Experience Center of Excellence

Ajoy Kodali

Enterprise Vice President - Information Technology

Kristine Mullen

Segment Vice President - Wellness Leadership

Tami Quiram

Segment Vice President - Employer Segment Leadership

Mayda Antun

Market Vice President - Concentra

Cindy Zipperle

Enterprise Vice President – Financial Reporting

Jim Augustus

Service Vice President – PPNO Administration

Inspired for life

Inspired for life

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Make a difference

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