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Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

With a primary focus on the workplace, the majority of our initiatives concentrate on building awareness and capabilities from within. We seek to create a diverse and inclusive workforce that connects us to consumers and drives business opportunities. In the marketplace, we try to position the organization for growth by connecting emotionally with a wider customer base. We focus on the well-being of our associates and the communities we serve, utilizing our strategic partnerships and alliances with our Board of Diversity and Network Resource Groups to provide business outreach and professional development for our associates.

Network Resource Groups

Humana recognizes the value in bringing associates with shared backgrounds and common interests together through Network Resource Groups(NRGs). Associates participating in our NRGs have valuable insights and first-hand experiences when it comes to understanding the diversity of our community and our customers. Network Resource Groups provide our associates with an opportunity for personal growth by enabling them to network across the organization and share their thoughts and ideas with the business. NRGs are a key component to building and maintaining a culture of inclusivity at Humana, while building our community outreach efforts and providing a positive customer impact.

  • IMPACT - Humana's African-American Network Resource Group
  • Pride - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Network Resource Group
  • HAPI - Humana's Asian/Pacific Islander Network Resource Group.
  • Unidos - Hispanic Network Resource Group
  • Caregivers Network Resource Group
  • Veterans Network Resource Group
  • Women's Network Resource Group

Learn more about how NRGs improve Humana's inclusive culture and outreach to diverse communities.

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Melissa Brock

Humana has had NRGs for a few years now and they really started as a way for associates to get together and create a community at work while also providing some insights and creating a difference in terms of connecting with our consumers and also within the communities that we serve.

A.J. Hubbard

Our Network Resource Groups are really founded on three of our Inclusion & Diversity pillars. It's about the workplace, it's about the marketplace and it's about our community. And each one of our Network Resource Groups are structured in a way that allows them to focus their efforts along those three planks.

Melissa Brock

The Network Resource Groups really provide a unique opportunity not just to work with people across the company and different locations and different business units but to work on something that you are personally really passionate about.

Madeleine Arritola

I'm not aware of any other forum within Humana that brings so many associates together and that we share similarities and we have differences. But it's really a group that helps you to learn more about yourself and connect with others.

Devann Steele

It's really a phenomenal opportunity to see so many different areas of the organization, connect that to our strategy, connect that to our values.

AJ Hubbard

It's really a way for Humana to kind of sync up with our own associates to glean insights and innovation and prompt ideas that could lead to better outcomes for our members simply by tapping in to our own associate population.

Madeleine Arritola

A great example is the launch of a cultural competency program that was surfaced early on as a big need and the NRG was critical in servicing that need so it's been really a great way to actually advance the strategy.

Marvin Hill

For me I think it's about having an impact on our business and our customers.

Tim Huval

When we feel free to be a part of a community that we want to align to and learn and grow together the outcomes for the business are obvious.

Chris Rich

We're directly doing events and initiatives and collaborations that tie into our four pillars of well being.

Renee Schuelke

It's made going to work, not just going to work. But it's actually made it a community. And I want to contribute to that community and I want to grow in that community and I want other people to feel the same that I am.

Melissa Brock

The Network Resource Groups are open to any associate regardless of location. We have associates that are in Indianapolis and Phoenix, Cincinnati, Green Bay all over the country really.

AJ Hubbard

It's the power of the passion that really separates NRGs from other groups of the organization.

Tim Huval

Explore. Join an NRG today!

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Inspired for life

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