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Life of Script

Do you ever wonder what happens at a mail-order pharmacy after you place your order? Get a behind-the-scenes look at Humana Pharmacy mail-order before it reaches your door with this life of a script story.

At Humana Pharmacy Solutions our mission is to provide safe and affordable pharmacy care to the people we serve. Our vision is to improve their health by knowing them, giving them a simple customer experience, integrating pharmacy at all points of care, and continuing to transform pharmacy into a driver of health outcomes.

Humana Pharmacy Solutions is comprised of three companies: Humana Pharmacy Solutions, Comprehensive Health Insights, and Humana Pharmacy. Humana Pharmacy Solutions (HPS) is a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) whose services include:

  • Formulary development
  • Clinical programs (drug safety, medication therapy management, etc.)
  • Pharmacy claims processing
  • Pharmacy audits
  • Pharmacy network contracting and administration
  • Prior authorization
  • Humana Segment support and services

Comprehensive Health Insights is a Health Economics and outcomes research group that uses Humana data assets to conduct broad spectrum research including:

  • Comparative effectiveness studies
  • Medication utilization, adherence and persistence
  • Pharmaeconomic studies (cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit, etc. )

Humana Pharmacy is a medication distribution subsidiary including a mail-order pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, and retail pharmacies that fills more than 35 million prescriptions annually.

On-Site Pharmacy

Humana Pharmacy offers pharmacy locations to serve you. Our on-site pharmacies can meet your prescription needs and provide diabetic supplies.

Mail Delivery

Humana Mail Order Pharmacy processes prescriptions that are mailed, faxed, called in, or electronically submitted to our facility. We have a team of pharmacy clerks, pharmacy technicians, and licensed pharmacists who enter and review these prescriptions for accuracy and potential interactions before dispensing and shipping. We typically dispense 90-day supplies of maintenance medications and ship direct to our members’ door. This allows for greater convenience, greater cost-savings, and improved adherence to therapy for our members.

Humana Specialty Pharmacy

Humana Specialty Pharmacy focuses on patients being treated for a chronic, complex condition. Humana's Specialty Pharmacy offers a personalized approach. They supply specialty medications for a range of conditions such as cancer, HIV, MS or rheumatoid arthritis. Humana’s dedicated pharmacy staff is on hand to provide one-on-one care and help with patient assistance programs.

Most-often recruited positions include:

  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacist
  • Analyst
  • Pharmacy Clerk