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A range of insurance products and services

In addition to group health insurance and Medicare plans, Humana offers a wide range of products and services. We offer health and supplemental insurance plans to serve all types of individuals, families, seniors, servicemen and servicewomen, and veterans. Most importantly, Humana is focused on innovation that helps our members, our partners, and our industry.

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Humana Ventures

For further information about Humana Ventures, please call 502-580-3906, or to submit a business plan, please send your information to

Humana Medicare plans

Medicare-eligible consumers can get more from their healthcare dollars. Humana plan members choose plans that include both drug and medical coverage, as well as stand-alone prescription drug coverage. Find out more about Humana Medicare


Humana's individual health insurance products offer financially minded consumers greater savings, attentive customer care, and the security that great coverage is there. Find out more about HumanaOne®


Well-being has its own rewards. Go365™ is a wellness and rewards program that is wholly owned by Humana. Go365 is deeply rooted in behavioral economics and actuarial science to motivate and reward members for taking steps to improve and continue their healthy behaviors. By integrating rewards with health, Go365 provides the tools and support to help members live healthier lives and reduce healthcare costs. Humana shifts strategy as health-care changes

Humana Military

Humana Military, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Humana Inc., is a Department of Defense contractor administering the TRICARE health program for active duty and retired military as well as their families. Currently, Humana Military is responsible for the 32-state TRICARE East Region, serving more than 6 million beneficiaries. Find out more

HumanaOne Dental & Vision

Even if you don't have an individual health insurance plan with Humana, you may qualify for HumanaOne dental or vision insurance. Keep your smile clean and your vision keen with discounts on care and surgeries, and low or no-copays. Find out more about HumanaOne Dental & Vision

HumanaOne Life & Supplemental Insurance

Along with your health, we know you pay attention to the well-being of your wealth. With Humana's range of affordable supplemental insurance products, you can protect your finances from the unexpected. Find out more about HumanaOne Life & Supplemental (Life/Supplemental page)


One of the largest dental benefits companies, Humana offers a portfolio of group dental insurance plans for employers. Whatever the budget or the benefits needs, find a group dental plan that suits your business. Find out more about Humana Dental

Humana VisionCare®

With all of the group benefits employers can offer, vision care is simple yet valuable to the well-being of employees. Humana has the choices to fit your business. Find out more about Humana VisionCare

Humana Pharmacy®

Get prescriptions delivered to your mailbox with ease. Humana Pharmacy is Humana's mail-order service. It started in 2006, as a state-of-the-art offering. Today its accuracy, safety, convenience, and savings make it the smart choice for members taking maintenance medications. Find out more about Humana Pharmacy

Humana Pharmacy Solutions®

This is the top pharmacy-benefit manager backed by a Fortune 100 company. As the highest volume business in the country, Humana Pharmacy Solutions has the access, the information, and the guidance members trust. Find out more about Humana Pharmacy Solutions

Humana Foundation

Our commitment to health and health education extends to our charitable activities. Humana Foundation's primary focus is on giving to causes that support childhood health, education, health literacy, and active lifestyles. The Foundation also supports select performing arts and cultural projects. Find out more about Humana Foundation

Humana Behavioral Health®

Overall well-being can include behavioral health. Humana Behavioral Health integrates the mind and body, treating the physical and mental together. This approach improves clinical outcomes and reduces healthcare costs to both employers and members. Find out more about Humana Behavioral Health.


Think of the change that could happen if we all rode bikes more often. B-cycle is a bike sharing program focused on meeting transportation, health, and environmental needs for communities. Find out more about B-Cycle

Stay Smart Stay Healthy

Why is healthcare so expensive? How does insurance work? Stay Smart Stay Healthy is a new-media venture designed to help answer those question. It's a website with videos and other tutorials that help educate consumers on the healthcare system. Find out more about Stay Smart Stay Healthy

Availity, LLC

A partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., Availity, LLC is a database that makes it easier to share information and process claims across multiple providers. Find out more about Availity, LLC


Most people want to keep living at home for as long as they possibly can. But in time, many people need hands-on caregiving, advice and support that go beyond what their insurance provides. SeniorBridge® has a Care Management Team that advises families about elder-life medical, legal and financial issues to help people live safely and comfortably at home, as needs change. SeniorBridge home-health aides, certified nurses and specialized companions can help families with bathing, cooking, shopping, housekeeping and errands. Professional caregiving services are aimed at making life at home as good as it can be, and helping to alleviate the physical and emotional toll families often experience as they look after the people they love. Find out more about SeniorBridge