Our COVID-19 response

Defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was a unique and challenging year that highlighted the strengths of the Medicare Advantage (MA) program and the value that this enduring public-private partnership brings to our nation’s seniors, people with disabilities and the healthcare system as a whole. From the outset of the pandemic, Humana has taken decisive action to support our members, provider partners, employees and the communities we serve to ease some of the difficulties presented by COVID-19.

We quickly implemented changes for our members to (i) remove financial barriers to care, (ii) improve access to care and pivot to telephonic and in-home care, (iii) provide resources to help them safely access in-person care, (iv) address social determinants of health needs that were exacerbated by the pandemic, and (v) leverage our data and analytics capabilities to establish a clinical outreach team to proactively engage with our most vulnerable members. In response to the unprecedented strain faced by our provider partners early in the pandemic, we took actions intended to provide financial and administrative relief to ease liquidity concerns and enable them to devote as much time and resources as possible to unencumbered frontline patient care.

Our response to the pandemic and performance throughout 2020 would not have been possible without the extraordinary, resilient efforts of our employees—who went above and beyond to continually meet the needs of our stakeholders while facing their own daily challenges as a result of COVID-19. To support them, we quickly transitioned nearly all of our workforce to a remote work environment. We also made certain that our frontline care providers, clinicians, and pharmacists—who continued to care for our members and patients in our clinics and in the home—had the proper protective equipment and space to safely do so. At our physical locations we implemented wellness checks, social distancing practices and enhanced cleaning protocols, among other efforts, to support the health and safety of our employees whose roles are not conducive to a remote work environment. We also expanded our benefits to assist our employees who faced financial hardship and to address the difficulties that the pandemic presented to daily life.

Our 2020 COVID-19 response initiatives included:

For our employees

  • Transitioned approximately 94% of workforce to work-at-home and equipped them with the necessary technology and resources for a successful remote work environment
  • Created a special COVID-19 paid leave program to support employees who are sick or quarantining
  • Provided $13.1 million in funding for emergency relief for caregiving (back-up childcare and/or eldercare needs)
  • Provided $7.56 million in funding relief for financial hardship (food insecurity, household essentials and family job loss)
  • Adjusted pay and leave policies to provide 40 hours of supplemental PTO to manage personal challenges as a result of COVID-19 (school closings, child care, etc.); our employees accessed 413,762 hours of the supplemental PTO
  • Partnered with Care.com to provide free premium membership ($150 value) to assist employees in finding caregivers for family members
  • Contributed $1.5 million to the United Way and Louisville Fund for the Arts in lieu of annual employee giving campaigns
  • Expanded volunteer time off and virtual volunteer opportunities to help communities recover from both the pandemic and efforts related to social injustice
  • Maintained company culture through weekly communications from our CEO

For our members

  • Removed financial barriers for access to care by waiving COVID-19 related costs for health plan members by:
    • Leading the industry in waiving member responsibility for copays, deductibles or coinsurance employed with COVID-19 testing and treatment, including related visit costs in a range of clinical settings and inpatient hospital admissions
    • Waiving MA member responsibility for copays, deductibles or coinsurance for all telehealth services delivered by participating/in-network providers and accepting audio-only/telephone and audio-video visits for reimbursement
  • Established a clinical outreach team to proactively engage with our most vulnerable members
  • Allowed early prescription refills so members could prepare for extended supply needs
  • Partnered with the federal government to expand access to telehealth
  • Created a testing concierge service to facilitate and guarantee testing for members through partnerships with Walmart and LabCorp
  • Delivered over 20 million Humana masks to members and employees to facilitate access to care and support visits to providers safely
  • Mailed in-home preventive screening and diabetes testing kits to encourage members to seek preventive care that may have been delayed during the pandemic
  • Created an online tool and stood up an innovative home based COVID-19 test option for our members
  • Supported our most vulnerable members in obtaining food access, delivering over 1 million meals
  • Provided a concierge line dedicated to COVID-19 related inquiries
  • Developed a pilot with virtual devices to help members not forego care
  • Provided COVID-19 vaccine educational material to members

For our providers & clinicians

  • Implemented simplified and expedited claims processing in order to get reimbursements to providers as quickly as possible to ease financial concerns
  • Released ~$1 billion in advanced funding to providers to ease administrative burdens so they could focus on delivering care to patients and prioritizing better health outcomes
  • Suspended prior authorization and referral requirements, amid other provider support initiatives

For the communities we serve

  • Contributed $200 million to The Humana Foundation, the Company’s philanthropic arm:
    • $50 million to aid in COVID-19 relief for underserved communities, to help them navigate COVID-19 through short and long-term programs and partnerships with local and national agencies, including:
      • $4.45 million to Feeding America ($2.45 million for short-term, $2 million for long-term)
      • $2 million to Louisville Urban League
      • $500 thousand to Louisville’s Federally Qualified Health Centers
      • $400 thousand to Community Foundation of Louisville
      • $100 thousand to Community Foundation of Louisville “One Louisville: COVID-19 Response Fund”
      • $50 thousand to Norton Health care Foundation
    • $150 million to address social determinants of health in an effort to promote more healthy days and encourage greater health equity
  • Expanded our employee Matching Gift Program to offer an additional match of eligible contributions to certain charities for the provision of COVID-19 related support
  • Invested millions of dollars in Louisville, KY, our hometown community, to support COVID-19 relief efforts and to advance societal initiatives directed toward healing, equity and unity, including the following contributions:
    • $6.5 million to the Louisville Urban League Sports and Learning Complex
    • 60,000 volunteer hours
    • $1 million to Evolve502 for funding scholarships that make 2 years of tuition-free postsecondary education available for Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) graduates
  • Partnered with JCPS to open the JCPS 360° Student & Family Support Center at Humana, to provide Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) 2.0 platform services and sign-in help, special education assessments/screenings, school choice assistance, translation assistance, physicals and social support from the Louisville Metro Office of Resilience and Community Services

Health & Well-being

Flexible work arrangements

Flexible work hours are at the discretion of leadership as to best manage work schedules. There may be opportunities for a customized approach that allows the employee to balance his/her needs with the business needs. Additionally, Humana benefits when employees take time off from work for rest, relaxation and personal interests, and, as needed for recovery from illness or injury. Many options support the employees’ well-being inclusive of paid time off, volunteer time off, caregiver leave, bereavement, jury duty, and well-being time. Also available are Family Medical Leave Act, disability plans, parental leave, domestic partner leave, and leaves of absence. More specifically, well-being time is 30 minutes of paid time each week for associates to support their individual needs, positively impacting their own well-being. The time is used to support a sense of purpose and belonging, optimal health, and security.

Agile work (Work-at-Home and Flex programs)

Humana is committed to optimizing the well-being and effectiveness of its workforce. Agile work provides the ability for leaders and employees to identify and leverage alternative work arrangements that support the achievement of business goals and personal work preferences. This enables employees to work from a job-appropriate location of their choice for all or some of their work schedule and to create a work schedule that better fits the diverse demands of today’s work environment. Work-at-Home (WAH) and Flex programs are elements of an agile work environment. Both programs are cooperative arrangements between leaders and employees that are based on certain criteria, such as the needs of the business unit. Employees participating in the WAH program work 100% of their work schedule from their company-approved home location. Employees participating in the Flex program work a rotational schedule in a Humana facility and from their company-approved home location.

Parental leave

Parental Leave provides time away from work to bond with the newly born, adopted, or fostered child and is a benefit regardless of gender or sexual orientation. For maternity, Parental Leave, short-term disability (STD), and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), if applicable, will run concurrently. Parental Leave benefits begin on the date of birth of the child. Benefits include 6 weeks of pay at 100%. For any medical complications with recovery that require longer leave, STD benefits will apply. 100% of pay may be supplemented by using any available hours in the STD Supplemental Bank and/or PTO. Upon doctor’s release to come back to work, any additional time away will be applied to applicable FMLA. Also, Caregiver Leave is available as a paid company benefit for associates who are the primary caregiver for family members experiencing a serious health condition. Associates will receive 100% of pay up to 2 weeks and may be taken continuously or intermittently in full-day increments.

Childcare facilities or contributions

Associates (employees) may put money aside by using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). 2 types of accounts are available: Healthcare FSA helps pay for a variety of medical, dental and vision expenses and Dependent Care FSA helps pay for childcare and adult daycare expenses. Dependent Care FSA allows pretax contributions to pay for childcare for dependents under the age of 13 and adult daycare for individuals who are unable to care for themselves. Included are dependent daycare centers, summer day camps, and non-school related care for school-aged children younger than 13. Also available is the 24/7 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that offers support ranging from improving personal or work relationships, welcoming a new baby or just keeping up with everyday life. Resources and advice are available along with Child Care Aware®, a tool offered to help families learn more about quality childcare and how to locate child care agencies and programs in their communities.

Human rights

At Humana, we not only respect the human rights of all people, but also work to promote human rights. The primary way we do this is through our companywide focus on improving access to—and the affordability of—healthcare. We are guided by our Humana values—Inspire Health; Cultivate Uniqueness; Pioneer Simplicity; Rethink Routine; and Thrive Together. Our mission is to help people achieve lifelong well-being. And we’re committed to health equity so that all people have an opportunity to achieve their best health.

We expect our employees and business partners to share this commitment—to ensure that our company lives up to its promise to respect and promote human rights. We also support the principles outlined in the United Nations (UN) Universal Declaration of Human Rights, opens new window. And, we support and adhere to all U.S. laws that govern human rights.

Among our employees—Humana is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in the conduct of its business. The key to upholding those standards is through the daily decisions and actions of each and every employee. We act with integrity in order to achieve the highest ethical standards, something we have been doing for more than 50 years now. The values we share, along with a set of clear ethical principles, help us make good decisions every day. It takes all of us working together, living our values, taking ownership of our actions and following the state and federal laws that govern our industry to create a perfect experience for the people we are privileged to serve.

Throughout our operations—At Humana, we are dedicated to ensuring that every business decision we make reflects our commitment to improving the health and well-being of our members and patients, our associates, the communities we serve, and our environments. We consider our suppliers an extension of our company. Humana’s Standards of Excellence outline Humana’s expectations of how our suppliers conduct business, and reflect our Corporate Social Responsibility platform. The Standards of Excellence are applicable to suppliers, vendors, contractors, consultants, agents and other providers of goods and services who do, or seek to do, business with Humana entities throughout the U.S.

In our communities—Our belief in respecting the human rights of the communities we serve is embodied in our values, and in our Bold Goal, opens new window. We respect the rights of local communities and the people who live and work in them, consistent with global human rights standards. Our company and its foundation are particularly focused on addressing Social Determinants of Health as part of our concerted effort to bring about greater health equity.


2020 Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) report

From employee and member health, to supplier diversity, to environmental stewardship, we know that being a good corporate citizen is critical to the long-term sustainability of our company.