What is the Humana Communities Benefit program?

Humana Communities Benefit is a charitable-giving program that awards a $350,000 signature grant over a three-year period to a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in each eligible location, which will be announced in Spring 2016.

Funded by the Humana Foundation, these multi-year grants are intended to provide transformational impact on the nonprofits and improve the health and well-being of communities they serve.

The overall goals of the HCB 2015 program are:

  • to lessen the impact of diabetes and/or congestive heart failure on community health and well-being
  • to lower barriers to health and increase access to services
  • to bridge the gap between community members and resources and services that lead to improved health

Prevention tactics to consider for diabetes and/or congestive heart failure can include lose weight or maintain healthy weight; improve diet; exercise; quit smoking and manage high blood pressure. Following are a few examples of programs impacting diabetes and/or congestive heart failure that the Humana Foundation is interested in funding:

  • Community Garden: Transformation of vacant lot in low-income neighborhood into a community garden, incorporating nutritional education programming and supports such as community engagement and/or coaching that encourage lasting behavior change.
  • Diabetes Prevention Program: Evidence-based lifestyle change program preventing Type II diabetes. Year-long program that helps participants eat healthier and incorporate physical activity into their routine. Uses trained lifestyle coaches and small group setting for support.
  • Fresh Produce Prescriptions: Prescriptions from medical practitioners for produce at community-led farmers’ markets or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) models, accompanied by nutrition education and physical fitness programs. Increasing access to fresh produce in neighborhoods often defined as “food deserts.”
  • Sports-based Mentorship: Mentorship programs that use sports coaches to teach healthy behaviors and develop character skills, such as resilience.
  • Telehealth for Seniors: Using technology to connect older adults with chronic conditions to medical professionals to provide home-based health and wellness and management of chronic conditions.

$200,000 will be awarded year one; $100,000 year two; and $50,000 year three. A portion of the grant will be awarded each year based on confirmation of completed milestones and required outcome reports. The grant application should include milestones that are practical, measurable, aligned with the grantee’s mission, and demonstrating support of healthy behaviors and healthy relationships.

The Humana Foundation recognizes the amount of resources required to effectively administer a grant of this size. As such, applying organizations should be able to demonstrate:

  • At least a $1 million annual operating budget and three full-time staff
  • Track record of success to include:
    • Positive reputation in community
    • Successful collaboration with community partners
  • An organizational or programmatic theory of change that links to successful results or promising practices
  • “Best practices” or innovative approaches that are data-driven and backed by research
  • Sustainability of programmatic operations
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For an idea of the transformational impact the grant can have on nonprofit organizations, read about the success of 2014 Humana Communities Benefit recipients Morningside Ministries (link opens in new window) , PCC Community Health Center (link opens in new window) , and Starting Right, Now (link opens in new window) .

Important Dates

  • Eligible cities and deadlines will be announced in Spring 2016
  • Winners announced in Fall 2016

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