What is the Humana Communities Benefit program?

Humana Communities Benefit is a charitable-giving program that awards grants to nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations.

Funded by the Humana Foundation, these grants are intended to provide a transformational impact on the nonprofits and improve the health and well-being of communities they serve.

The overall goals of the HCB program are:

  • to lessen the impact of diabetes and/or congestive heart failure on community health and well-being
  • to lower barriers to health and increase access to services
  • to bridge the gap between community members and resources and services that lead to improved health

For an idea of the transformational impact the grant can have on nonprofit organizations, read about the success of past Humana Communities Benefit recipients Morningside Ministries (link opens in new window) , PCC Community Health Center (link opens in new window) , and Starting Right, Now (link opens in new window) .