Government and public sectors

Government & Public Sectors

Serving the heroes who serve the country

Keeping our military men and women and their families healthy is a job Humana does with pride. Our mission is to be a well-being partner to create healthy, fulfilling lives for our members, well beyond their military careers. Our services for veterans are always growing and improving, to solve the unique issues that veterans face.

Humana also advocates for our military members. Humana's government relations unit serves as a voice for veterans in public policy and healthcare debates.

Humana Military

Caring for America's armed forces

The most trusted name in government health, Humana Military has administered the Department of Defense TRICARE program for more than 15 years. There are around 3 million active-duty and retired individuals in the military and their families in Humana Military's ranks throughout the South. Plans include managed care, fee-for-services options, transitional benefits, retiree and veterans programs, and healthcare for those in remote locations.

Humana Veterans

A place where everything falls into place aims to develop solutions to common healthcare issues faced by veterans. A subsidiary of Humana Military Services, this site is the place for veterans and their families to turn for resources, advice, and tools to help their everyday lives.

Public Policy

Giving a voice to the issues veterans face

Humana's government relations unit advocates for our members in the military. When it comes to healthcare reform or health law and policies, Humana takes a stand for veterans.

Partner with Humana Military

Support your government business by teaming up with our experts in military health and well-being.

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Continued Healthcare Benefit Program

Extend your healthcare during the transition period between military and civilian life.

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