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Humana Guidance Centers

Looking to get out, get healthy and have some fun? Check out everything our Guidance Centers have to offer!


Humana Guidance Centers Are Here for You

Our Guidance Centers are your place to get healthy and happy. There is always something exciting going on—come enjoy a variety of special events, programs and activities designed to help you improve your physical and mental health.

Many of the services our Guidance Centers offer can be used by anyone at no cost. Humana membership is not required.

Find out what’s available at a nearby location by selecting a center from the dropdown above.

Help with your plans

Each location has a Customer Care specialist on site to answer your questions. Plus, sales agents are available to help you navigate your healthcare choices and enroll in a Humana plan.

Health & wellness

Stay happy and healthy by taking advantage of fitness classes, nutrition advice and weekly walking groups.

Social & fun

Spend time with friends or make new ones when you attend our social gatherings and community events.
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Humana Guidance Center Video

VO: It’s a simple idea, really. Create a place where people can get together. To make friends, to do healthy things, to have fun, and to connect. It’s a place that would help them feel their best – in their minds and in their bodies; maybe even make the community where they live healthier. That sounds like a pretty great place. Right? Humana Guidance Centers are that kind of place. 

Janice M.: The Guidance Center is about making you feel better.

Emile G.: I come here and I meet nice people, fun activities, so I enjoy coming here.

Jeff F.: So I’m watching these folks who are staying there all day long, with their friends and with their counterparts that they’ve met there and engaging in their health and wellbeing around all the activities.

VO: Humana Guidance Centers are located around the United States, and each is unique. But they’re all about helping people live their healthiest, happiest lives.

Mary Lou M.: I come here to feel good and I do feel good. I feel much better.

Paul W.: And it’s been a big, big improvement in my life. I feel like it’s a new beginning in life.

Ruby V.: You get these awesome classes that assist you and you’re healing yourself more or less.

VO: Walking groups, Zumba, yoga, and tai chi classes help promote fitness and flexibility – and help people need fewer medicines and keep off unwanted pounds.

Chef Nino: And we just want to shine the camera, and tell us how much weight you lost. So everyone who has lost weight since you’ve been coming here. How much weight have you lost, ma’am?

Woman 1: 15 pounds, I came here last year in February.

Chef Nino: Back here, brother, how much weight have you lost?

Man 1: 45 pounds.

Chef Nino: 45! Look at that, since you’ve been coming?

Chef Nino: How much?

Man 2: 25 pounds

Chef Nino: 25 pounds! Wow!

Man 3: 30 pounds and 4 inches in my waist.

Chef Nino: How much weight have you lost?

Woman 3: 150.

Chef Nino: Since you’ve been coming here? 150 pounds, wow! Look at that.

Ruby V.: The classes here that they provide at the guidance centers, my A1C was 6.7 but in participating in all these classes they provide for us here, it is now below 6 and that’s good.

Wayne G.: I’m almost not a diabetic now, I went from 6.8 A1C to a 5.8.

Gina: The things that I’ve learned here at the Guidance Center have lowered my blood pressure from a 142 over 110 to 109 over 68.

Irene H.: Since I’ve taken all the exercises and everything I’ve become stronger.

Sarah W.: The exercise classes at the Guidance Center has reduced the pain that I have from sciatic nerve and a bulging disc.

Wayne G.: The difference Humana’s made saved my life.

VO: At the Guidance Centers, experts teach tips and tricks for planning and preparing healthy meals, managing health conditions, dealing with stress, and much more.

Leonora D.: It’s an incredible value being able to attend all these classes.

Wayne G.: I learn something new every day, you know? You have to have ongoing education and Humana does a superb job with the Guidance Centers.

VO: And, for Humana members who aren’t sure what’s covered under their plan, need help finding a doctor, or have other questions, each guidance center is staffed by a knowledgeable sales agent and a customer service expert.

Irene H.: Whenever I have a question about my bill, I come to Humana Guidance Center and the representatives will help you out and answer all your questions, straighten out your bill and everything else. It’s very easy to come here and have everything done for you.

VO: Of course, there’s also plenty of time to get together with friends – for a charity event, food drive, or other worthwhile cause – or just to feel connected and relax.

Leonora D.: It’s a part of my life, a very essential part of my life.

Wayne G.: If I didn’t have the Humana Guidance Center to go to, it’d be a big chunk out of my life.

Emile G.: I would recommend Humana in a minute.

Mary Lou M.: Don’t ever disappear. You’re just, it’s too wonderful, it’s something that’s been needed.

Martin: We’re very pleased with Humana.

Gina: We’re not going anywhere unless y’all tell us to get out. And even then y’all gonna have a fight.

VO: Ready to get healthy? Learn new things? Make friends and have fun? We know just the place. Humana Guidance Centers.

Wayne G.: I’m Humana-fied. That’s all I can tell ya.

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Watch how people like you have benefited from using their local Guidance Center.

“The exercise classes at the Guidance Center have reduced the pain that I have from my sciatic nerve and a bulging disc.”

Sarah W.,
Humana Gold Plus HMO member

“It’s been a big, big improvement in my life. I feel like it’s a new beginning.”

Paul W.,
Humana Gold Plus HMO member