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Fabio and Marie

MARIE (VO): I like the personal relationship.

MARIE (CONT.): He’s dedicated because he takes a personal interest. It’s not like some stranger stepping into the room to just cut-and-dry tell me “Humana.”

FABIO (VO): When you build relationships like this…

FABIO (CONT.): …it’s a great feeling because, I don’t feel like I’m working! I feel like I’m just making friends every day and I try to help them the best way I can.

MARIE (CONT.): I could not imagine not having a Fabio.


Fabio and Lena

LENA (VO): I see him like a friend of mine…

LENA (CONT.): …letting me know what are the best things for me in terms of health insurance.

FABIO (VO): To me it’s very rewarding…

FABIO (CONT.): …because that’s what I wake up to look forward to every day, is trying to see who I can help now, who I can make a difference now, who’s that next person that I can make a difference in their lives.

FABIO (CONT.): And we’re all human beings and we like to be treated as people, not as numbers.

LENA: Exactly. Thank you for the birthday card.

FABIO: Oh, you’re welcome, you’re welcome! You’re very welcome.


Scott and Gerae

GERAE (VO): He wasn’t pushing.

GERAE (CONT.): He just wants you to know what you need to know and then go from there.

SCOTT: Everybody has situations where, you know, talking to somebody helps.

GERAE: Every time I see him I say ‘Have I told you how much I like Humana?’ Don’t I?

SCOTT (VO): (Laughing) All the time.

Scott and Red

RED (VO): All the other insurance companies I’ve ever had, I was just a number.

RED (CONT.): I feel like he’s a friend. He’s willing to work with me.

SCOTT: It’s not always about making the sale, it’s about helping somebody.

RED: Yeah.

RED: We been close, I think…

SCOTT: All those years.

RED (VO): I don’t think I made you mad but twice.

SCOTT (VO): (Smiling) A couple of times.

RED (VO): (Laughs)