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Looking to get out, learn about health, and have some fun? Check out everything Humana has to offer!


Humana is here for you

It’s a simple idea, really. Create a place where people can get together. To make friends, to do healthy things, to have fun, and to connect. It’s a place that would help them feel their best – in their minds and in their bodies; maybe even make the community where they live healthier. That sounds like a pretty great place. Right? Your community Humana is that kind of place.

Humana has locations around the United States, and each is unique. But they’re all about helping people live their healthiest, happiest lives.

Walking groups, Zumba, yoga, and tai chi classes help promote fitness and flexibility.

At each location, health educators teach tips and tricks for planning and preparing healthy meals, managing health conditions, dealing with stress, and much more.

And, for Humana members who aren’t sure what’s covered under their plan, need help finding a doctor, or have other questions, each location is staffed by a customer service representative. Plus, licensed sales agents are available to assist non-members looking to enroll in a Humana plan.

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