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Humana’s impact

Humana believes everyone should have access to the tools and support needed to have a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. The health of our business is linked to the health of our employees, members and patients, the communities we serve, the healthcare system, and the environment. Our commitment to improving health outcomes for all is the foundation of our Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact platform.
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Humana's Environment, Social, and Governance measures

We've established five key metrics categories that align to our strategic business goals, supporting our commitments to sustainable business and improving health outcomes. Quantitative and/or qualitative metrics within each category track, monitor, measure and report our performance.

Humana’s five key metrics categories
Images of holding hands with the words “Access to healthcare”, image of a lock with the words data privacy and protection”, image of a checklist with the words “product quality and safety” and image of a group of people with the words “Talent and diversity.”

Our impact platform

For each person

We make it easier for people to achieve their best health.

For each community

We work to advance population health.

For the healthcare system

We help build more equitable and sustainable practices.

For the environment

We invest in the health and sustainability of the environment around us.

Humana’s 2021 Impact Report

Our Impact Report features activities, progress, metrics and performance for how Humana is advancing health equity, addressing needs in our communities and driving sustainable change with shared value.

To learn more, review the scope of this report , PDF and our ESG disclosures. , PDF

Download full 2021 impact report , PDF

Download 2021 impact summary , PDF