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For each community

Our commitment is not only to our members, patients and employees, but also to the health of the communities we so proudly serve.

4 men on a pickleball court.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance impact platform

Our commitment to making it easier for people to achieve their best health is part of the foundation of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact platform. This platform sets the direction for how we continue to advance health equity, address needs in our communities and drive sustainable change.

Health equity

The Humana Foundation

The Humana Foundation, PDF is the philanthropic arm of Humana Inc. and works to ensure seniors, veterans and school-aged children live connected, healthy lives by removing unnecessary barriers in healthcare.

New strategy and new look

To advance equitable access and outcomes for diverse communities of school-aged children, seniors and veterans, we launched a new strategy to focus on eliminating the social and structural barriers to good health and healthcare through evidence-based interventions and solutions.

$12.9 million toward innovative programming for seniors and school-aged children

In November 2023, the Humana Foundation announced, PDF 23 grants and 4 Health Equity Innovation Fund projects advancing regional health equity to support seniors and school-aged children.

Supporting veteran suicide prevention

The Humana Foundation proudly joined the Face the Fight™, PDF initiative as a founding partner in June 2023, the first to join alongside USAA, the USAA Foundation and Reach Resilience, an Endeavors Foundation.

$1.8 million toward relief and recovery

The Humana Foundation allocates funding each year to provide emergency relief to communities in crisis. In April 2023, the foundation pledged $1 million to bolster mental health resources, PDF in our hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and donated more than $860,00 throughout the year to aid various relief and recovery efforts, PDF.

$1 million toward health equity research grants

The Humana Foundation’s research strategy is designed to generate knowledge that translates into practical, scalable solutions for removing barriers that prevent people from living healthy, connected lives. In 2023, the foundation announced their first-ever research grants, PDF.

$15 million in scholarships since 2001

Each year the Humana Foundation awards scholarships, PDF to the children of Humana employees, providing up to $3,000 for postsecondary education. During 2023, the foundation awarded 250 scholarships, including 81 new recipients and 169 renewals.
Woman U.S. veteran smiling.

Serving veterans and military families

Our longstanding commitment, PDF to veterans, service members and their families across lines of business does not waiver. We recognize the unparalleled sacrifices made by those who have served in the armed forces and their families, and we stand by their side.

Woman playing pickleball.

Promoting active and healthy lifestyles

Encouraging active aging in older adults is a cornerstone of our commitment to promoting wellness. So, in 2023, we sponsored events like the National Senior Games and the National Mall of Pickleball, PDF. These sponsorships reflect our dedication to supporting initiatives that encourage physical activity, social engagement and a community spirit among seniors.

Humana’s 2023 Impact Report

Our impact report includes progress and performance data that highlight our commitment to the health of each community, plus additional information on each person, the healthcare system and the environment.

How we measure Humana’s community impact

Humana's impact on the health of each community is aligned to these ESG measure categories: 

Access to healthcare

Environmental impact 

Talent & diversity

Access to healthcare

Environmental impact 

Talent & diversity

Humana’s impact in the news