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For the environment

Transforming healthcare requires transforming the way we address environmental risks to health. We’re committed to meaningful change for our planet’s health—resulting in brighter futures for all those who call it home.

Part of our Environmental, Social and Governance impact platform

Our commitment to making it easier for people to achieve their best health is part of the foundation of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact platform. This platform sets the direction for how we continue to advance health equity, address needs in our communities and drive sustainable change.

Humana’s commitment in 2023 and beyond

Our environmental and sustainability efforts are rooted in science and are designed to make a positive impact on climate change, pollution and other environmental factors that impact our health. Our efforts touch every part of our business, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste to water conservation and using renewable energy.

Read Humana’s Environmental Sustainability Policy, PDF

A healthier way to do business

  • Reduce energy and waste

    Humana decreased its greenhouse gas emissions by 35% since 2017 and kept 64% of our waste out of landfills by centralizing office waste and recycling bins, reducing printers, and donating office furniture. In 2020, Humana began pursuing a goal of earning zero waste certification, focusing first on our West Chester, OH, pharmacy distribution site. Thanks in large part to leadership and the employees in West Chester, the facility is now a TRUE certified facility.

  • Create efficient buildings

    As we’ve adapted to working in new ways, we’ve reimagined and improved our real estate and facilities—including donating a 130,000 square foot furnished and office-equipped building. With the roof at Humana headquarters in downtown Louisville already retrofitted with solar panels, we’re evaluating additional sites to install more renewable energy.

  • Set new goals for the future

    Now that we’ve surpassed our 5-year objectives, we’re preparing for the decade ahead with a proposed Science Based Target (SBT). Our SBT includes ambitious goals that expand on our efforts to reduce emission and waste and mitigate other environmental factors that impact our health. Each goal within our SBT is designed to spur innovation and efficiency, boost investor confidence and align with national benchmarking. Learn more in an executive summary of our environmental impact data, PDF.

Humana’s 2022 Impact Report

Our impact report includes progress and performance metrics that highlight our commitment to the health of the environment, plus additional information on the health of each person, each community and our healthcare system.

or download 2022 impact report summary, PDF

How we measure Humana’s environmental impact

Humana's impact on the health of the environment is measured in these ESG metrics categories: 

Environmental impact

Environmental impact

Humana’s impact in the news

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Humana Foundation donates $1 million to support disaster recovery in the wake of Hurricanes Ian and Fiona

West Chester CenterWell Pharmacy Distribution Center achieves TRUE zero waste certification