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For the healthcare system

At Humana, we’re focused on making a positive impact on the healthcare system. In addition to adopting best practice governance, business policies and abiding by rigorous quality and ethical standards, we work closely with healthcare providers and strive toward innovation.

Part of our Environmental, Social and Governance impact platform

Our commitment to making it easier for people to achieve their best health is part of the foundation of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact platform. This platform sets the direction for how we continue to advance health equity, address needs in our communities and drive sustainable change.

Promoting clinical excellence

  • Quality resources

    Humana’s unwavering commitment to high-quality care and improved health outcomes includes supporting healthcare practitioners. We provide resources and tools to help providers navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape and understand quality initiatives like CMS Star Ratings.

  • Care integration

    Integrating care across all our lines of business ensures those we serve get the care they need, when they need it. From coordinating care and dispensing medications, to providing care in our primary care clinics and in the home, we’ve strengthened our ability to provide high-quality, whole-person healthcare at a much broader scale.

  • Simpler operations

    Humana is helping key care stakeholders—like primary care physicians and specialists—establish closer partnerships with each other to strengthen communication and coordination. By streamlining processes, reducing wait times for important clinical and authorization decisions, and leveraging data, we’re helping providers focus less on red tape, and more on providing the care that matters.

  • Value-based care

    In 2021, 68% of Humana individual Medicare Advantage beneficiaries received care from primary care physicians in value-based payment models. Compared to those with Original Medicare and in non-value-based settings, these members reported more preventive care, lower costs and better health outcomes in 2021—including 90,000 fewer ER visits and 251,000 fewer days in the hospital. See more in the Value-based Care Report.

Governance and accountability

Building a better healthcare system for all starts from the inside out. Learn more about Humana’s approach to corporate governance and commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

Standards of excellence

Every business decision Humana makes reflects our commitment to improving the health and well-being of all. Not only do these standards of excellence apply to ourselves, but also to those who do, or seek to do, business with Humana entities worldwide.

Supplier diversity

We strive to attract qualified, certified vendors and suppliers to help us improve quality and drive innovation. As part of our overall Diversity, Equity and Inclusion vision, our supplier diversity program helps to advance our company’s business strategy by representing and elevating the communities and people we serve.

Ethics and compliance

Each year, Humana employees, contractors and Board of Directors complete a mandatory ethics and compliance training course. Humana is also committed to using data and technology responsibly—including protecting our customers’ data and privacy.

Advocacy and public policy

We’re using our voice to advocate for improving clinical outcomes and advancing affordability and access. Our partnerships with policymakers and clinicians help us address social determinants of health and the root causes of poor health.

Humana healthcare research

Humana’s peer-reviewed healthcare research guides our business decisions and helps the larger scientific community work toward innovations in quality of care and population health.

Humana’s 2022 Impact Report

Our impact report includes progress and performance metrics that highlight our commitment to the strength of our healthcare system, plus additional information on the health of each person, each community and the environment.

or download 2022 impact report summary, PDF

How we measure Humana’s healthcare system impact

Humana's impact on the health of our healthcare system is measured in these ESG metrics categories: 

Access to healthcare

Talent & diversity

Data privacy and protection

Product quality and safety

Access to healthcare

Talent & diversity

Data privacy and protection

Product quality and safety

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