Humana is a different kind of healthcare company. Here, our commitment to whole-person health builds from the inside out. We help our employees confidently achieve their best selves—both professionally and personally—by offering the opportunity to make a difference, continue to grow, and achieve their individual health and well-being. Powered by a passion to serve, we take on tough problems and deliver meaningful solutions that change lives.

Continuing to face a global pandemic, Humana employees stayed true to their commitment to human care and best health. To protect the health and safety of our employees, we rolled out new benefits like special paid time off (PTO), a COVID-19 paid leave program, expanded coverage for COVID-related health needs, and caregiving support memberships with Since the pandemic began, Humana has invested more than $15 million in funding for caregiver emergency relief, such as back-up childcare or eldercare, and over $8.5 million in financial support to help our employees who experienced financial hardship, like family job loss or food insecurity. As much of our workforce continues to work at home, we have learned to work differently, show resilience, and emerge stronger. We created and promoted learning resources so employees could successfully transition to working from home while continuing their own personal and career development.

Humana workforce statistics.
94% of Humana’s workforce transitioned to work from home, the average Humana employee dedicated almost 40 hours to their training and development last year.

By helping our employees be their best, we make it easier for them to care for others through their work.

In the most recent Annual Employee Well-being report, more than 90% of our surveyed employees believe Humana is committed to their health and well-being, and several employees shared the struggles and victories of their personal well-being journeys. As a company and an employee community, we discovered the need for connection, living our company values and maintaining our company culture. Leaders leveraged insights from the report to inform team action planning to focus on team strengths and opportunities, with a goal to help transform our culture and accelerate our strategy. Additionally, Humana CEO Bruce Broussard sends a weekly email to all employees, sharing personal stories and words of encouragement. Through efforts like these, we worked through the challenges, reflected on our learnings, grew from the experience together, and continued to see world-class levels of engagement on our annual employee experience survey.

Overall total well-being snapshot.
9 out of 10 employees feel leaders care about their well-being and trust Humana is committed to their well-being.

Well-being scores reflect the Humana Well-being Index® Assessment, an annual company-wide survey of associates’ well-being.

Humana’s 2021 Impact Report

Our impact report features activities, progress, metrics and performance for how Humana is advancing health equity, addressing needs in our communities and driving sustainable change with shared value. Download the 2021 Impact Summary here, PDF or download the full version below.