Well being press kit

Humana's well-being focus


At Humana, we want to do everything we can to help people achieve lifelong well-being by investing in opportunities that allow consumers to live happily with a balanced sense of purpose, belonging, security and health.

Staying well

Staying well is not always an easy task, five behavioral issues—drinking, smoking, poor diet and stress coupled with inactivity—have consumed an estimated 80 percent of the nation's health-care budget over the past 50 years. Because we know that people don't change their behavior easily, we offer a variety of solutions to help people achieve well-being.

Humana Cares (pdf)

Provides on-the-ground care-management and health care coaching through field managers, personal nurses, social workers, and community-health educators for Medicare beneficiaries and other members experiencing chronic conditions and everyday living challenges—the goal is to engage these members with broad access to coordinated services that improve health and independence.

Humana/Intel Remote Medical Monitoring Pilot

In 2011, Humana will in partner with Intel to debut a real-time monitoring technology for heart patients—allowing doctors to have real-time data such as weight, blood pressure, blood-glucose levels for heart patients. With accurate monitoring of health conditions, in real time, medical professionals can offer real solutions to patients' well-being challenges.

Humana in your community

These Humana "store-front" locations, now appear in several cities across the U.S., primarily in areas with large concentrations of Humana members, and offer access to personal-fitness classes, healthy cooking tips and training, and the opportunity to socialize with other members.

Humana Center for Health & Well-being

This Humana partnership with CVS's MinuteClinic is available to thousands of Humana associates, their family members and Humana business partners in our corporate hometown of Louisville, Ky.

Well-being for Dummies

This free resource from Humana offers advice to enhance all aspects of well-being, including social, community and family. It's clear that people have better health when they are active and engaged in their social lives, community commitments and family activities. This booklet offers easy to-how's to help members stay healthy.

Humana health and well-being in the news


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