PRO Tips

Spectator strategies: how to see the most action

Major tournaments bring large crowds of fans. Of course you'd like to see the players, but you don't want to be herded onto the course and crammed in just to get a good view.

Here are some tips for watching a professional golf tournament:

Check out the pro-am round

Attend one of the pro-am rounds during the days before the actual tournament begins. The crowds are much smaller and the players more relaxed. Moving from hole to hole is much easier for spectators during the pro-am. You also have a decent chance of getting an autograph when the players are closer and more accessible.

Camp out at the driving range

It's a safe bet that the pros will be practicing at the driving range. Most ranges have bleachers set up close to the range that provide an excellent place to watch a player take some shots.

Arrive early, stay late

Because the crowds are largest in the middle of the day, early morning and late evening are the best times to get a look at the holes and map out your plan for the next day.

Pick a hole and stay there

Choose a hole where you can get a good seat and have a clear view. This way you'll get to see all the players and compare how each one does at the same hole.

Follow one player

If you have a favorite player you'd like to follow, you will have to put up with some hassles. You won't get the best position on every hole. An effective strategy for following one golfer, is to stay ahead of them. Stake out a position on their next hole while they're teeing off at the one before.

See as many players as possible

This requires some planning. Get a pairing sheet, which lists when and where the players will tee off. Use the sheet to find a couple of good spots to pick up another player.