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Public policy

At Humana, we are committed to advancing public policy that moves us toward a future in which everyone can enjoy lifelong health and well-being. Learn more about who we are, how our mission drives our public policy work, and how we are striving to get the healthcare system to a better place than where it is today.

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Humana on healthcare issues

Humana has a very active voice on healthcare policy issues that matter, including healthcare reform, Medicare and Medicaid, and accountable care. Find out where we stand on these important topics.

How Humana improves healthcare

Humana’s role in the healthcare system is about much more than serving our members, providers and payers. Find out how we try to improve the system through innovation, transformation and partnership.

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Working Toward a Healthier Tomorrow

Humana is committed to advancing public policy that helps move our system toward a healthier tomorrow. See what we are doing to promote lifelong health and well-being for everyone

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Preventable and chronic diseases are on the rise and so are healthcare costs.

At the same time, the healthcare system is struggling. The good news is, recent changes have gone a long way toward improving it. But there’s more to be done.

At Humana, we’re committed to advancing public policy that works to help get it done – to make progress toward a healthier tomorrow… a future in which everyone can enjoy lifelong health and well-being.

With decades of experience at the crossroads of healthcare delivery, payment and technology, Humana is well positioned to offer ideas for lasting, positive change to the world of healthcare public policy.

As a result, Humana has made a commitment to improve the health of the people and communities we serve. It drives everything we do. It is the inspiration for how we approach public policy. It helps us find ways to make tangible changes that get the healthcare system to a better place than where it is today.

What are our goals?

First, to close the gap between people and care, connecting people to the healthcare they need, and second, to transform the system through innovation and collaboration.

One of the steps we are taking to achieve these goals is to speak out on healthcare policy issues that matter. We aim to inform and inspire those who share our vision for positive change in the healthcare system. In advancing our public policy vision, we have helped – and will continue to help – improve healthcare access, quality and patient satisfaction across the country.

We’re also working with healthcare providers, such as our partner health clinics, where we integrate care delivery … enabling providers to focus on what they do best.

We use advanced care delivery and technology to make it easier for people to access needed care, stay out of the hospital, and achieve their best health.

Humana’s public policy extends to our engagement with other organizations.

With these partnerships we’ve helped build a national accountable care model with the goal of delivering higher-quality healthcare at lower costs. We’ve connected some of the nation’s most vulnerable individuals to the healthcare they need. And we’ve contributed vital data to help policymakers and researchers understand what influences healthcare costs.

These are just a few examples of the many ways Humana’s public policy work strives to improve the health care system for everyone.

We will continue to transform, innovate and collaborate. We will apply new concepts, new thinking and new technologies. And we will do it so everyone can enjoy a healthier tomorrow.

Our political contributions and activities

Learn how Humana and the Humana Political Action Committee (PAC) support political candidates.