At Humana, we are committed to advancing public policy that moves us toward a future in which everyone can enjoy lifelong health and well-being. Learn more about who we are, how our mission drives our public policy work and how we are striving to get the healthcare system to a better place than where it is today.

Humana on healthcare issues

Humana’s voice is active on healthcare policy issues that matter most to the people we serve. From Medicare, TRICARE and home health; to integrated care, Medicaid and healthcare reform—learn about some of the issues that matter most to Humana and our members.

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How Humana improves healthcare

Humana’s role in the healthcare system is about more than serving our members, patients and healthcare providers. Find out how we work to make healthcare as affordable as possible, through innovation, transformation and partnership.

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Our political contributions and activities

Get details on how Humana’s political action committee (PAC) supports elected officials and other candidates for public office.

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Additional resources

Learn about organizations and governmental groups that provide valuable information about the healthcare industry, while also helping you learn more about improving your own health.

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