Humana PAC

The Humana Political Action Committee (PAC) is a non-company fund sponsored by Humana that collects voluntary contributions from Humana employees to support candidates for state and federal legislative office.

Registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and various state election boards, the Humana PAC is strictly nonpartisan.

One hundred percent of the contributions received are used for campaign contributions; no part of this fund is used to pay for administrative or any other expenses associated with the PAC.

Political contributions and related activity

Frequently asked questions about Humana Political Action Committee

Who's eligible for membership in the Humana PAC?
Only Humana employees may join and support the Humana PAC.

Which political party does the PAC support/favor?
The PAC is non-partisan and does not support candidates based on party affiliation. The PAC has a long history of providing support for candidates across party lines.

Why did Humana establish a PAC?
The Humana Political Action Committee was established to ensure that Humana employees are provided an opportunity to demonstrate support for federal and state legislators who share Humana's public policy goals and objectives. Participation is strictly voluntary.

What are the objectives of the PAC?
The mission of the Humana Political Action Committee is to identify and support candidates for legislative office who, like us, believe that private sector health coverage provides the best opportunity for affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare for all. Candidates supported by Humana know that our endorsement represents a shared commitment to these goals.

Who controls the PAC?
As a nonpartisan organization, the Humana Political Action Committee is governed by an 11-member Board of Directors elected from its membership. All PAC members are encouraged to participate in its governance and related activities.