Rewarding healthy living

Humana realizes the great benefits to the healthcare system in developing a robust wellness program that helps people stay healthier and live more fulfilling lives. The rise of preventable, chronic conditions threatens to overwhelm our healthcare system. Wellness programs fight this trend, promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing long-term costs by encouraging people to exercise more often, eat healthy and make more conscious lifestyle choices.

Go365™ is a wellness and rewards program that helps individuals and families make healthy choices and achieve lifelong well-being. By giving people the chance to earn rewards through healthier behavior, it is demonstrating that such wellness programs are an important tool in combating preventable diseases and guiding people with chronic conditions.

More than 5 million people are enrolled in Go365, including 1.9 million commercially insured members and more than 2.7 million seniors and disabled people who are Medicare Advantage members.

Proven savings for the system

Go365's incentives result not only in rewards for members, but also productivity benefits to their employers and cost savings to the health system. In a 2015 study of Humana associates enrolled in Go365, researchers found that when comparing members who were actively engaged in the program over three years with those who were not, the highly engaged members had:

  • Average health claim costs that were 17.8 percent lower
  • Absenteeism rates that were 43.7 percent lower

The study shows that wellness reward programs such as Go365 successfully get people on the pathway toward a healthier life through achievable, personalized wellness goals—resulting in lessened budget strains on employers, taxpayers and the health system. With Go365, everybody benefits.

Simple steps to a healthier life

Go365 makes it easy for individuals to start on the pathway toward lifelong well-being. The program demonstrates that making even small changes in daily life can make for a much healthier future.

Step 1 – Know Your Health: A member completes a short Health Assessment using a questionnaire about the member’s health and history. The assessment helps determine that person’s Go365 Age—a measure of whether his or her body is living younger or older than the person’s actual age.

Step 2 – Do Recommended Activities: Based on the Go365 Health Assessment results and biometric screening information, Go365 helps set personal recommended activities that will allow members to improve their overall health and well-being. Those might include a walking program to achieve a healthier weight, personal coaching to quit smoking or an educational module to achieve a less stressful daily routine.

Step 3 – Get Rewarded: The member starts reporting his or her progress toward the personalized activities, earning Points while doing so. Points can be earned many ways, including by registering daily steps on a compatible fitness device, completing recommended preventive care and receiving biometric screening results that are in a healthy range.

Rewards for getting healthy and staying healthy

By earning Points, members can improve their Status—starting at Blue and moving up to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Points also translate into Bucks that can be cashed in for valuable rewards. Available rewards include:

  • Merchant gift cards
  • Fitness devices
  • Workout gear and apparel
  • Movie tickets
  • Bicycling equipment

Better food choices made easy

Through a unique partnership with Walmart®, Go365 also encourages members to eat better by providing valuable savings on healthier foods. Eligible Commercial members can receive up to a 50 percent savings by playing the Go365 Healthy Food “Pick 6” game monthly. By selecting healthier foods within the game, members can earn up to 50 percent off on select healthier food purchases at Walmart. Walmart food items that qualify for Great For You™ include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat or nonfat foods, and lean proteins.

Visit the Go365 website(link opens in new window)  for more information about the program. This video (link opens in new window)  details the Walmart partnership, while this series of videos (link opens in new window)  demonstrates how Go365 works to encourage healthier living.