Humana on the Issues

Humana and consumer issues

This section explains health policy matters of importance to consumers, such as the current healthcare reform, Medicare, and information you should know as a consumer. You have a right to know your healthcare options and where Humana stands on these important issues.

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Understand Medicare

Making Medicare sustainable

The cost of the Medicare program is one of our most pressing health policy issues.


Focusing on healthcare reform

Standing behind bipartisan solutions

It will take bipartisan solutions and cooperation to solve our healthcare crisis.

Healthcare Reform
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Is your doctor an in-network medical provider?

Consumer’s right to know

Helping consumers make informed decisions

Consumers should be able to make informed decisions about non-emergency care.

Consumer’s right to know

Health information technology

Supporting efforts to enhance healthcare information technology

Consumers deserve a healthcare system that uses the latest technology.

Health information technology
Comparing small business health insurance online