Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

It's easy to add your company to Humana's list of potential suppliers. First, visit the "What We Purchase" page to find out whether Humana can use the product or service you offer.

Then follow the steps below to submit your Supplier Registration form and certifications.

Steps to registering your business with Humana:

  • What We Purchase – Explore to see if Humana can use the product and services that are offered by your company.

  • Supplier Registration form – Complete and submit the registration in its entirety. After your registration request has been accepted, you will receive an e-mail from "Workflow Mailer (OAPHR)" with a username and password to access your profile. You will receive additional instructions on how to complete your profile, including how to upload diversity certifications (if applicable) through the Humana Supplier portal.

  • Certification requirements – If you are seeking to do business with Humana as a certified minority-owned, woman-owned, LGBT-owned, disability-owned, or small business, you will need to upload your certification documentation to your profile through the Humana Supplier portal after receiving a notification of acceptance.

  • Compliant to Humana standards – If Humana identifies a match between your products and services and our needs, we will contact you.

Registered suppliers

Suppliers who have already completed the registration process can update their profile by logging into the Humana Supplier portal.

Be sure to update your supplier profile information at least annually or as often as your company's status changes.

Username or password issues should be e-mailed to

NOTE: Humana maintains your company's information in our supplier database. All information you provide is confidential. Inclusion in our database does not guarantee your company will be awarded contracts with Humana.