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Humana maintains a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion as a fundamental part of our core business practices. Because of this, recognizing and meeting the accessibility needs of our members is integral to our web design and development process.

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We understand the need for people with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities to have access to information and applications online in order to fully participate as Humana customers and employees.
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Humana’s approach to accessibility

Exceeding the standards

At Humana, we are continuously taking steps to improve our web pages to meet or exceed universal design best practices and web accessibility standards. We regularly conduct usability testing, and we collaborate with internal and third-party accessibility consultants to identify and remove any barriers to accessibility.

We follow these web standards bodies:

We conform to Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act

Making an accessible site

What we’ve done

To provide the most universally accessible web experience possible, we’ve:

  • Structured our web content with appropriate headings, paragraphs, and lists for keyboard or screen reader navigation.
  • Added relevant alternative attributes to all images.
  • Labeled all form fields and provided clear information in multiple ways if an error occurs.
  • Designed web pages to function if JavaScript is disabled.
  • Used tables for data; all data cells in a data table are associated with their headers.
  • Provided alternate formats for all multimedia content, including captions and full transcripts.
  • Offered several ways for users to find information, including a dynamic table of contents feature, a search tool, a glossary page, and a site map.

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Trouble using our websites?

Let us know

We are working to discover new solutions to improve Humana’s online user experience and further improve the accessibility of our websites.

To help Humana diagnose and fix the accessibility barrier you encounter, please describe:

  • What the problem was
  • What you were trying to do
  • What computer and software you are using
  • Where the problem occurred

If you have trouble accessing information or services on these pages, please contact us by email.

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