Dental plans

Humana-Dental plans may help you meet any large-group employer’s needs. Our plans allow your clients to offer a highly popular benefit. Dental plans are flexible and can stand alone, so they’re available even for clients who don’t have our medical plans. Coverage can be employer-sponsored or voluntary.

Humana is one of the nation's largest dental benefits companies, with more than 110,000 participating dentist locations nationwide.

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Traditional preferred

For maximum flexibility

This plan may be right for clients who want to offer their employees lots of options for choosing providers. Members can choose any dentist they want, but they get the added advantage of negotiated rates for services received from in-network dentists.

Dental PPO

Balance choice and savings

With a PPO, your clients can balance flexibility with network savings. Members have lower out-of-pocket costs for services received from in-network dentists. Members can choose out-of-network dentists if they prefer, but their out-of-pocket costs will be higher.

Healthy lifestyles

Preventive Plus

Our lowest-premium dental plan

Preventive Plus covers preventive and basic care, the services members use the most.The plan has 100% coinsurance for preventive services in- and out-of-network.


Encourage preventive care

With this plan, dentists in the prepaid/DHMO network provide services for a fixed copay. Out-of-network services are covered only for emergencies.

Eating healthy for good dental health

Advantage Plus

Control costs with prevention

These network-based dental plans emphasize prevention. Your client’s employees can choose any participating general dentist in the Advantage Plus network. Out-of-network services are covered only for emergencies.

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Customize your clients’ applications

In many states, agents can use our online tool to create customized applications.

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