Advantage Plus Plan

Clients looking for a dental plan that includes coverage for preventive services, plus has premiums that may fit in a tight budget, may appreciate the Advantage Plus plan.

These dental plans cover services by in-network general dentists. In emergency situations, out-of-network services may also be covered.

Benefit options

The following benefit options are generally available for the HumanaDental Advantage Plus plan. Actual benefits vary by state.

    • Office visit copay of $0, $50, or $150

Advantages of HumanaDental

Our dental plans allow you to offer a highly popular benefit while maintaining flexibility in plan and funding arrangements. These plans are available as a stand-alone , so they’re an option even for clients who don’t offer our medical plans. Coverage can be employer-sponsored or voluntary. Best of all, our network includes more than 110,000 dentist locations nationwide. Negotiated rates for services received from dentists in our PPO network average 27% savings nationwide.

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