Programs and Funding Arrangements

Help clients with self-funded plans reduce financial risks. Humana offers access to many tools that help minimize risk, as well as manage claims, benefits, and coverage questions. Your clients deserve to get the most out of their fully or partially self-funded plans.

Stop-loss Insurance

High utilization and claims costs can have a negative effect on a client's health plan. Stop-loss insurance lets clients choose the amount of risk you're comfortable taking on.

Clients can:

  • Protect cash flow
  • Minimize financial liability
  • Customize their reimbursement structure

Level Funded Premium

Clients can self-fund more easily with Level Funded Premium plans. Fixed monthly payments produce consistent, easy-to-budget costs and increase cash flow.
  • Payments include administrative fees, stop-loss premium, and claims funding
  • Rebates or rate credits available
  • Detailed monthly reports

Total Health

Humana Total Health helps you identify and assess employees’ needs. Then we determine what interventions can help and create personalized medical and wellness programs.
  • Programs Increase employees’ loyalty and productivity
  • Nurse-based support saves $11-$15 per member per month


At Humana, we’re confident that our cost control solutions and engaging employee options really work. When you combine these two with SmartSuite, you can earn rate credits of up to 5%.
  • Commit to six base requirements
  • Add three behavior modification options
  • Save even more with SmartAssurance, a multi-year strategy

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