Humana Simplicity

A copayment-only plan

that’s easy to use and afford

At Humana, we don't think a medical plan has to be hard to understand — or pay for. That's why we developed Humana Simplicity. Offer your clients outstanding medical coverage at a price they can afford. When members use in-network healthcare services, they pay no deductible, just a copayment. That makes this plan easier for clients to administer.

HMO, PPO, and POS plan designs

  • HMO offers a large network and lower premiums
  • PPO offers more flexibility in choosing providers without referrals
  • POS helps members save when they stay in network

Tiered copayment options

Clients can choose from one of three standard copayment structures for employees. All copayments, except pharmacy, count toward maximum out-of-pocket expenses.

  • No deductibles to track
  • In-network providers save members money


Go365™ is included with Humana Simplicity plans. This wellness program is tailored to each person's unique health status. Small changes in everyday life can add up to healthy long-term rewards for your clients.

  • Points are awarded for verified activities
  • Turns employees’ recommended goals and supporting activities into tangible rewards
  • Simple and straight-forward for your company

Why wait in line?

Humana Pharmacy offers convenience by shipping to your home. With the Humana Pharmacy App, the pharmacy is now anywhere you want it to be.

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