See how group Medicare plans

can benefit your customers

If your clients provide health benefits to your Medicare eligible retirees, they should consider covering them with one of Humana’s Medicare plans. Why Humana? We have over 20 years of experience providing Medicare benefits to millions of Americans.

Finding out that exercise and diet improves health and has rewards
Pharmacist and doctor working together

Medicare Advantage

Plans that go the extra mile

With group Medicare Advantage, retirees will get benefits that can improve their health — and boost your clients’ bottom line.

Prescription plans

Your clients’ Rx for cutting costs

If clients want to cover the rising cost of medicine, tell them to explore Humana’s prescription plans. With such a wide variety, it’s easy to find one that fits their business needs.

Prescription drug plans
Pump up with Productivity

Pump up productivity with EAPs

Help your clients connect quality of life and well-being at work.

Find out more about Humana’s EAP
Grow your business

Finding time to stay fit

Even the busiest person can still find time to live a healthy life. Make time to eat right, find fun ways of exercising, and just get up and move, whether it involves taking the stairs or taking walks with your kids. There are always ways to find time.

Tips to stay fit