Medicare all-in-one coverage

Humana Group Medicare Advantage plans combine the benefits of Original Medicare and Medicare supplements in a single plan that Humana underwrites and administers.

For many employers, Humana's Medicare Advantage plans provide more efficient coverage compared to Original Medicare and a secondary plan. Members remain in the Medicare program and continue to pay Medicare-applicable premiums — they just receive their Medicare benefits through a private insurance company. The plans may include a Part D rider, eliminating the need for freestanding pharmacy benefits.

We offer Medicare Advantage plans to private- and public-sector employers, as well as Taft-Hartley and other collectively bargained groups.

Reasons for your clients to choose Humana Group Medicare Advantage

Here's why Humana's Group Medicare Advantage coverage can improve your clients’ bottom line and deliver a better experience for them and their retirees:

  • More efficient benefits — When your clients choose Group Medicare Advantage coverage from Humana, their contribution combines with Medicare's reimbursement to cover all or most of retirees' premiums. Humana administers the plan and takes on the risk for claims.
  • Extra services — We offer an array of services that address members' health and benefits needs, including a full suite of clinical programs and wellness services.
  • Choice of products — Humana can help your clients find the right balance of cost, coverage, and provider access. Our experienced actuaries and underwriters, dedicated solely to Group Medicare customers, can help your clients craft benefit programs with rates that meet their financial and coverage goals.
  • Service and enrollment support — Our dedicated Customer Care team provides service just for Group Medicare Advantage plan members.

Humana offers a broad range of funding options — so your clients can choose to fund all, part, or none of retirees' Medicare premiums. And if they're not sure which funding level to choose, Humana's dedicated Group Medicare team can help them “run the numbers” and make an informed decision.

Humana's network-based Group Medicare Advantage plans

To reflect where our customers are and where their retirees live, Humana has put a high priority on developing Group Medicare Advantage networks in key areas. Our network-based plans offer savings through a network of providers, plus benefits that are easy for your clients’ retirees to understand and use. Humana offers these network-based plans:

  • Humana Medicare Employer PPO plans give your clients’ retirees freedom to choose providers, with the opportunity to reduce their costs by using in-network providers. Humana offers local PPOs in 40 states and Puerto Rico. We have regional PPOs in 23 states.
  • Humana Medicare Passive PPO plans give your clients’ retirees maximum flexibility as they choose a provider because their out-of-pocket expenses almost always remain the same regardless of whether they receive care in-network or out-of-network.
  • Humana Medicare Employer HMO plans are available in 38 states and Puerto Rico. With these plans, members work one–on–one with a primary care physician (PCP) who coordinates their care and provides referrals to other in-network providers when necessary. PCP referrals aren't required in Louisiana and Puerto Rico.

To enroll in this Medicare Advantage plan, retirees and dependents must be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B. Retirees and dependents can enroll in a Medicare Advantage health plan three months before or after their 65th birthday.


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