Spending account

Spending accounts

Humana makes healthcare spending accounts easy for your clients to administer. These accounts promote smart healthcare shopping. And an integrated debit card gives members convenient access to their funds.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Offer a low-premium plan

An HSA lets employees pay for healthcare expenses with tax-free money. These accounts have lower premiums than other plans and give your clients more control over expenses. They can make tax-free contributions to employees' HSAs, within IRS guidelines.

Personal Care Account (PCA)

Contribute to employee expenses

With a PCA, your clients can help their employees with healthcare expenses, without having to lay out all the cash up front. And Humana manages the PCA and HumanaAccess® Visa® Debit Card to make everything easier.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Set aside tax-free funds

With an FSA plan, your clients benefit from decreased payroll costs and reduced taxes. Employees can use an FSA to pay for healthcare and dependent care with tax-free funds. Plus, your clients will save on every dollar their employees contribute.

New year, new experience

A new wellness and rewards program is here. With more ways to get started, get active and earn rewards.

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