Disability Coverage Help your clients protect their employees from life’s curveballs

When one of your clients’ employees has a disabling accident or illness, disability benefits can partially replace lost income. This plan can help bridge the gap — and help to lower someone’s stress level during a challenging time.

Coverage when clients’ employees need it most

From car payments to college tuition, your clients’ employees have to keep their households going. That’s why an accident or illness can have a big impact on a family’s budget. Give your workers the protection they need by offering them the chance to get Humana’s disability coverage.

  • Find flexible benefits for short- or long-term coverage
  • Cover workers off the job, night and day
  • Find portable plans that work for any type employee
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Look up healthcare and health plan terms

From abrasion to X-ray, the Humana glossary offers explanations for common insurance and medical terms.

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