Employee Spouse

AD&D Provisions (Employee & Spouse)

AD&D is included with basic group term life and may be purchased with voluntary group term life. AD&D is only available to a client’s spouse on voluntary life. The benefit amount is the same as the basic life or voluntary life coverage selected. If an accidental injury directly results in one of the following losses within 180 days (may vary by state) of the date of injury, your client’s employee and spouse receive the following benefits:

AD&D provisions

Loss Benefit amount equal to
Life Full amount
Both hands and both feet Full amount
Sight in both eyes Full amount
One hand and one foot Full amount
One hand or one foot, and sight in one eye Full amount
One hand or one foot One-half of full amount
Loss of sight in one eye One-half of full amount
Loss of thumb and index finger on same hand One-fourth of full amount
Quadriplegia Full amount
Paraplegia One-half of full amount
Hemiplegia One-half of full amount

Common carrier accident benefits

Benefit Loss Benefit
Common carrier benefit The total benefit for all losses from the same accident will be limited to the one loss that provides the greatest benefit. Benefit amount doubles if the loss results from a common carrier accident: a covered accidental bodily injury sustained while riding as a fare-paying passenger (not a pilot, operator or crew member) in or on, boarding or getting off from a common carrier. A common carrier is any land, air or water vehicle operated with a valid license to transport passengers for hire.

Residents of Texas must have continuous coverage a minimum of 30 days to qualify for AD&D coverage.

Seat belt-airbag-helmet benefit

Benefit Loss Benefit
Common carrier benefit Death as a result of an auto accident while properly using a seat belt or wearing a properly fitted and fastened motorcycle helmet in a motorcycle accident. Amount of accidental death benefit increases by 10 percent, but not less than $1,000 or more than $10,000. In addition, for a properly functioning airbag, accidental death benefit increases by 5 percent, to a maximum of $5,000 but no less than $500.

In Maryland, these benefits not available: seat belt-airbag-helmet.

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