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Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

If your clients want to offer Medicare Part D drug coverage for their retirees, they should look to Humana—the nation's second — largest provider of Medicare prescription drug coverage.1

Humana offers competitive premiums and several Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) options that allow us to tailor to the needs of your clients’ organization and their retirees. Plus members get services to help them save money, like vision care discounts, personalized guidance in SmartSummary Rx®, and RightSourceRx® mail-order service.

Your clients can offer Humana prescription drug coverage as part of a medical plan or as a stand-alone plan.

Humana Medicare Employer PDP options

  • Humana Medicare Employer PDP 101 — Do your clients want to provide some drug coverage for their retirees—without hefty premiums? Our Medicare Employer PDP 101 plan may be the budget-friendly option they're looking for. This plan provides the minimum prescription drug coverage required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Humana Medicare Employer PDP 102 — This plan has no deductible, so it can help your clients’ retirees save money on their prescription drugs as soon as the plan year starts. In addition, the plan has predictable copayments that make it easier for your clients’ retirees to budget for prescription drug costs.
  • Humana Medicare Employer PDP 103 — Of all our Medicare Employer PDPs, this option gives your clients’ retirees the greatest protection from out-of-pocket costs. This plan has no deductible or "coverage gap." It's designed for employers willing to pay a higher premium to give their retirees extensive prescription drug coverage.
  • Humana Medicare Employer PDP 105 — This plan has no deductible, plus coverage for preferred generics during the "coverage gap." This plan is one of our higher-premium options, but it provides your clients’ retirees with coverage throughout the plan year.

Humana offers a broad range of funding options — so your clients can choose to fund all, part, or none of their retirees' prescription drug plan premiums. And if they're not sure which funding level to choose, Humana's dedicated Group Medicare team can help them "run the numbers" and make an informed decision.

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