Humana Group Life plans

Help employers show they care

With Humana’s flexible employer-paid and voluntary plans, your clients can help their employees protect and replace lost income in the event of death or a disabling accident.

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Basic Term Life and AD&D

Offer in-demand coverage

This employer-paid benefit can be a key part of a competitive benefit package. Humana’s basic group term life and AD&D insurance plans can stand alone or be sold in conjunction with medical and dental plans.

  • Offer HumanaLife benefits at competitive group rates
  • Demonstrate concern for employees and their families

Supplemental Term Life and AD&D

Cover what basic term life may not

With these employee-paid plans, members can increase their coverage amount. There’s no shopping around and no cost to employers.

  • Enables coverage above basic term life plans
  • AD&D benefit amount is the same as the supplemental life coverage selected
Enjoying the family security of a employer-paid benefit plan
Make it a team effort

Make it a team effort

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If you’re a patient of Humana Pharmacy, you can refill prescriptions and make payments online—even from your smartphone with the Humana Pharmacy mobile app!

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Look up healthcare and health plan terms

Look up healthcare and health plan terms

From abrasion to X-ray, the Humana glossary offers explanations for common insurance and medical terms.

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