Voluntary Life

Employee Supplemental Term Life

This employee-paid benefit enables coverage in excess of what the basic term life plan may offer.

The AD&D benefit amount is the same as the supplemental life coverage selected.

Why offer Supplemental Term Life Insurance?

Even if your clients offer generous basic term life coverage, some of their employees may want to increase their coverage amount. Supplemental term life insurance allows them to do so easily — without the hassle of "shopping around" for additional coverage.

Humana's Supplemental Term Life plans

When employees choose supplemental coverage, the provisions of their basic term life plan generally apply to their supplemental coverage.

We offer a wide range of coverage amounts so your clients’ employees can choose the level of coverage that works for their needs. To guide them in selecting their coverage amount, Humana offers several tools, including an online life insurance needs calculator. Employees simply enter basic information such as their age, number of children younger than 18, income, savings, and debt. The calculator estimates the amount of life insurance the individual would need to help beneficiaries continue their current lifestyle.

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