Medical plans

Humana's products give your clients ways to save, while giving their employees freedom to choose. And together, you and Humana give the guidance they need to make smart, money-saving decisions.

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Humana Simplicity

Keep it simple for savings

Employees pay no deductible or coinsurance, only copayments. So this plan is easy for them to understand. That makes it easy for your clients to administer too.

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Traditional plans

Provide familiar choices

Humana's traditional plans have the familiar features your clients and their employees look for in a healthcare plan. These plans also give employers proprietary tools, reports, and services so they can forecast and control costs.

Funding arrangements

Help clients self-fund

When clients want to self-fund their medical plans, they need administrative services that help them manage costs. With Humana’s Level Funded Premium and other funding arrangements, they’ll know just what to budget for and can limit financial exposure. Humana can also help them earn lifestyle discounts.

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Talk to your pharmacist about your prescription drugs

Walmart Rx Plan

Share savings and simplicity

Offer your clients a low-cost prescription drug benefit that’s easy for them to administer. The plan offers a common formulary design to ease employees’ transition.

Understand the health care reform, explore the facts and how they might affect you

Get the facts about healthcare reform

Visit our Learning Center for the latest news about how the law might affect your business.

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A healthy outlook on business

A healthy outlook on business

Our commitment: healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy performance.

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Your clients can make healthy living more rewarding

Your clients can make healthy living more rewarding

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