Humana Simplicity Affordable, easy, effective coverage

Humana Simplicity is the most straightforward and easy-to-understand plan we offer. There are no deductibles for in-network care, just a copayment. Plus, clients can access Go365™, which helps them make healthy life choices while allowing them to earn rewards.

Options for Humana Simplicity vary by area but include a wide variety of benefits.

Humana Simplicity HMO

HMO Premier is the largest HMO network we offer. The HMO plan features the lowest premiums of any Humana Simplicity plan.

  • The option to see any provider in the HMO network
  • Access to MyHumana tools online and via mobile devices


This plan includes a nationwide PPO network of more than 550,000 providers and approximately 3,500 hospitals.

  • Ability to select out-of-network providers without a referral
  • Access to MyHumana tools online and via mobile devices

National POS

Clients receive discounts and can choose from within a network of providers that overlaps 95% with the national Humana/ChoiceCare Network.

  • No need to choose a primary care physician
  • Savings on services by In-network providers
  • Access to MyHumana tools online and via mobile devices

Why wait in line?

Humana Pharmacy offers convenience by shipping to your home. With the Humana Pharmacy App, the pharmacy is now anywhere you want it to be.

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New year, new experience

A new wellness and rewards program is here. With more ways to get started, get active and earn rewards.

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