Individual Health Plans

Humana individual and family medical plans

Humana’s individual and family medical plans include all the essential health benefits the healthcare law requires. Plus, your clients get a plan backed by people who care about their well-being.

Major Medical plans

With Humana, you can offer your individual clients and their families health plans that fit their needs and budgets, with benefits that make a difference, including:

  • State-of-the-art technology, like our award-winning website and mobile app, so that members can check on claims, get details about benefits, estimate medical costs and more
  • Highly trained care managers and Customer Service specialists who are connected to members
  • Personalized health and education programs, such as the HumanaFirst® Nurse Advice Line, personal health coaching, and ongoing care management, that offer your clients tools, resources and personalized care to meet their health needs, control costs and keep them on the path to wellness
  • Online resources to compare provider and drug costs, check claims status, and more

As an agent, you’ll have access to:

  • A broad product line, including Medicare options, individual dental and vision plans and financial protection products
  • Top-notch agent support in the form of a designated representative who will make sure you have the information you need, when you need it
  • Specially created webinars to help you grow your business
  • An agent “workbench” designed to help you manage your business, write quotes, access free selling materials and much more
  • The full backing of one of the nation’s largest insurance carriers
  • Your own Humana-branded website

Major Medical plans

Humana offers a variety of health plan options that are both on and off the health insurance marketplace or state exchanges. Our plans meet the standards of the healthcare law and provide all essential health benefits like preventive care, emergency services, maternity and newborn care and much more. Our plans are available in every tier (Catastrophic/Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum), with a variety of deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket offerings.

Many of Humana’s plans are HSA-qualified (Health Spending Account), high-deductible health plans which may be the right fit for those clients who would like to set aside pre-tax income to pay for healthcare expenses.* With the High Deductible Health Plan, members can control how they save, invest and use their healthcare dollars. Contributions to an HSA are tax-free, grow tax deferred and earn interest.

Members can also choose benefit options to enhance their individual health plan. Options include dental, vision, Cash Cancer, critical illness Life and accident.

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  • Visit your state page for more specific plan information


    • Humana makes it easy and affordable for your clients to add optional coverage like dental, vision, accident, critical illness and cancer benefits at an additional cost.

      Individual dental insurance

      Options include:

      1. Traditional Plus Dental

      This includes coverage for preventive, basic and major services. Members can go to network or non-network dentists, but they'll pay less when they choose dentists in the network.

      • Preventive services - 100%, no deductible, includes oral examinations and routine cleanings
      • Basic services - 50% after deductible
      • Teeth-whitening services - 50% after deductible (not available in Florida)
      • Major services - 50% after deductible
      • Orthodontia – Members may be able to receive a discount if they visit an orthodontist from the HumanaDental PPO Network and ask for the discount.

      2. Preventive Plus Dental

        The Preventive Plus plan covers the most common preventive and basic services. Discounts may be available for major services and basic services that the plan doesn't cover.

      • Preventive services – 100%, no deductible for in-network coverage, includes oral exams and routine cleanings
      • Common basic services – 50% after deductible for in-network coverage
      • Major and orthodontia services discounts
      • Members may receive a discount on non-covered services by contacting participating providers and asking if any discounts are available on non-covered services.

      3. HumanaOne® Dental Prepaid C550

      With a HumanaOne Dental Prepaid C550 plan, your clients will get benefits and services at rates they can afford:

      • No waiting periods
      • No annual deductible or maximum on benefits paid
      • No claims to file
      • Freedom to choose any participating dentist as your primary care dentist
      • 100% coverage on many services from a network provider, like routine cleanings, X-rays, topical fluoride treatments, oral exams and local anesthesia (after the office visit copay)

      Please note this plan is only available in Georgia, Ill., Kentucky, Ohio

      4. HumanaOne Dental Loyalty Plus plan

      The HumanaOne Dental Loyalty Plus plan offers members benefits that increase over time.

      • One-time deductible that applies for as long as a member stays on the plan
      • The longer a member stays on the plan, the less they will pay out-of-pocket for services such as fillings, root canals, crowns and more
      • No copayments or waiting periods
      • Members can visit any dentist they like
      • Most preventative services are covered at 100%

      Individual life insurance

      1. HumanaOne Vision Care plan

      With HumanaOne Vision Care, members have access to one of the largest vision networks in the U.S., with more than 35,000 participating optometrists, ophthalmologists and national retail locations. Additional benefits include:

      • Quality routine eye health care from independent eye care professionals and national retail locations.
      • Members can visit out-of-network providers (for an increased cost)
      • Lasik procedures at substantially reduced fees
      • In-network eye exams are covered at 100% after a $10 copay; lenses (single, bifocal and trifocal) are covered at 100% after a $25 copay; $40 wholesale allowance for frames; and $115 allowance for contact lenses

      2. HumanaOne Vision Focus plan

      The HumanaOne Vision Focus plan includes a mix of coverage and discounts for preventive, basic and major services. Members can go to in-network or out-of-network providers, but they'll pay less when they choose providers in the network. Plan details include the following:

      • In-network eye exams are covered at 100% after a $10 copay in-network.
      • In-network standard contact lens fits and follow-ups are covered at 100% after a $40 copay. There is a $115 allowance for lenses, with a 15% discount on a balance over $115. Contact lenses that are medically necessary are paid in full with no copay.
      • A $100 allowance is given for frames when using a participating provider, with 20% off any balance over $100. Standard plastic lenses (single, bifocal or trifocal) are covered at 100% after a $25 copay.
      • Discounts are offered on items not covered by the plan at network providers, as well as Lasik procedures.

      Individual accident insurance

      1. HumanaOne Accident Benefit plan

      When facing an unexpected medical expense, a HumanaOne Accident Benefit plan can give your clients extra support to help pay for out-of-pocket expenses related to a covered accident.
      Benefits include:

      • A supplemental accident policy that reimburses for actual out-of-pocket expenses for each covered accident
      • Reimbursements beginning with the first penny spent, up to the chosen benefit level, from $1,000 to $50,000
      • No deductibles, no maximum occurrences or waiting periods

      Individual Cash Cancer insurance

      1. Cash Cancer plan

      The Cash Cancer plan will offer your clients an immediate, one-time cash payment when the person named on the policy is diagnosed with a covered cancer. Details include:

      • The cancer insurance policy benefit can be used for any purpose.
      • Policy holders do not need to be employed to be enrolled. As long as the premiums are paid, coverage will continue.
      • Once we receive all the required information, the designee will receive a check usually within a week.
      • Covered cancers include the first diagnosis of cancer on in an internal organ – for example, cancer of the breast, lung or liver as well as malignant melanoma.

      Individual Critical Illness insurance

      1. Critical Illness Cash plan

      The Critical Illness Cash pPlan provides immediate cash for clients who suffer from a heart attack, stroke, or other covered illness such as cancer. It’s extra cash on top of any health insurance coverage and paid in a one-time lump sum payment directly the designee. Benefits can be used for any purpose including:

      • To help offset loss of income
      • Deductibles, copayments, and scheduled benefit limitations
      • Treatments considered experimental
      • Transportation expenses to and from doctors and treatment facilities
      • Normal living expenses (mortgages, car payments, utility bills, childcare, groceries, credit card bills, etc.)
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