Individual Term Life And Supplemental plans


Term Life Insurance

HumanaOne Term Life Insurance is a simple and affordable way to take care of loved ones when money is needed most.

Term life policies are available with a HumanaOne health plan. Coverage amounts range from $25,000 to $150,000 and individuals can choose from three coverage term options.


HumanaOne Life and Supplemental Products

One thing you can expect in life is the unexpected.

Your clients try to plan for what's around the corner. They insure their homes against break-ins and Mother Nature. They cover their cars against theft and collisions. However, they're more likely to deal with a serious illness, an extended hospital stay, or an accidental injury.

HumanaOne's broad range of products help your clients prepare for the unexpected and protect their family's financial health.

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Life and Supplemental

Life and Supplemental Products

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Cash Cancer Plan

This plan pays cash to help with unexpected expenses after diagnosis of a covered cancer.

If your client or a member of their family is diagnosed with a covered cancer, they will receive a cash payment to use any way they want. For example:

  • Make up for unexpected loss of income
  • Travel expenses to national cancer centers
  • Trial or experimental treatment costs
  • Personal home care and household expenses
  • Option to have premiums refunded if no claims are filed.
  • View educational video about the Cash Cancer plan

Critical Illness Cash Plan

Cash payments are made after a covered serious illness.

Protect your client and their family from unexpected expenses related to critical illnesses, like heart attack, stroke, or cancer. If your client or a member of your family is diagnosed with a critical illness, they will receive a cash payment to use any way they want. For example:

Junior Estate Builder

This plan establishes financial protection for your client's children or grandchildren.

Help your clients protect their children or grandchildren now and in the future. They will get the protection of term life insurance with low premiums now, and the solid foundation of whole life automatically when they reach age 25.

Plan highlights:

  • Low annual premium
  • No medical exams or interview.
  • Your client can return the policy within 30 days for a full refund.
  • Additional coverage can be purchased at ages 25, 28, and 31 without evidence of insurability.
  • Policy generates monetary values that may provide cash in the future.
  • View educational video about Junior Estate Builder

Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund is whole-life insurance that pays cash to your client's designee to take care of final expenses and more.

Your clients may have already planned ahead for funeral expenses -- but their family could face so many other costs, including medical bills, legal fees, taxes, and other expenses.

The Memorial Fund plan lets your client know that:

As the policy matures, cash value in the policy grows. That means your clients can take a loan against the policy or withdraw cash value if they cancel the policy.

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Questions about our individual plans?

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