Medicare Prescription Drug Plans You may lower your out-of-pocket drug expenses

A prescription drug plan can help your clients with out-of-pocket medication costs that aren’t covered by Original Medicare. In most areas, Humana has three plans, an extensive network of pharmacies across the country, and home-delivery options.

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Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx Plan

Low monthly premium and copays

Monthly prescription bills aren’t your clients’ biggest expense, but there are still ways they can save. Copayments may be as low as $1 or less after deductible with Humana’s mail-order option or preferred pharmacies. Plus, monthly premiums are just $15.10.

Humana Enhanced

Affordable coverage beyond the basics

For your clients who rely on a few medications to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this plan offers affordable premiums without a deductible. Find out how monthly drug costs fit with the various cost stages in this plan.

Humana Complete

For regular drug therapy that's vital to well-being

Those who live with several chronic conditions understand the importance of maximum drug coverage. This plan provides broad coverage to your clients — with preferred generics and select brand name drugs — and without a deductible and fixed copayments.

Explore retiree plans for employers and unions

Humana Group Retiree Solutions help your clients take good care of retirees and watch their bottom line.

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