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Boost your clients’ well-being while helping cut their Rx costs

Your customers want to know how to save time and money. Your answer: Humana’s prescription services may help. They give businesses and individuals an easier way to stick to their healthcare budget and the tools to take charge of their health.

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Resources for drug cost savings

From finding a pharmacy to finding cheaper alternatives to prescription drugs, there are plenty of resources for companies and individuals looking to cut prescription costs.

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Mail order drugs

Talk about the benefits of mail-order pharmacies

With mail-order pharmacies, like RightSource Mail-Order Pharmacy, your customers can fill their prescriptions and get a three-month supply delivered right to their door.

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Specialty Pharmacies

See how Specialty Pharmacies, like RightSource Specialty Pharmacy can help companies or families take care of their total health and maybe even put money back in their pockets.

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Other pharmacies are available in our network.

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A healthy outlook on business

A healthy outlook on business

Our commitment: healthy people, a healthy planet, and healthy performance.

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A commitment to moving healthcare forward

A commitment to moving healthcare forward

Humana is leading the way with fresh ideas about lifelong well-being.

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