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Agent Webinar Series

Whether you serve individuals or employers, as a Humana agent, you have access to our informative agent webinar series. Our webinars are structured to deliver meaningful, timely and relevant content in a brief and engaging format.

Individual Agent webinars

Our Humana Agent Expo (link opens in new window)  is home to live and on-demand webinar events that address industry topics that are important to both agents and consumers.

Group Agent webinars

We partner with influential industry professionals to bring you exclusive access to leading edge perspectives on topics that matter to you and your business.

Workplace interventions: critical role of behavioral health in productivity

Featured Presenter: Dr. Ronald C. Kessler (link opens in new window) , Professor of Health Care Policy at Harvard University

Dr Ronald Kessler

Behavioral health cases are among the leading causes of lost time and productivity for employers. Dr. Kessler will present relevant highlights from his extensive research on workplace interventions and the link between behavioral health and productivity.

Behavioral Economics and Health Behavior: Improve employee health and control costs

Dr David Laibson

Why does the buzz around behavioral economics persist? Behavioral economics explains how psychological and economic factors jointly determine people's choices. In this webinar, Dr. Laibson explores how such self-defeating behavior can be reduced with inexpensive and scalable interventions.

Reinventing healthcare: a population health approach to wellness

Featured Presenter: Dr. David Nash (link opens in new window) , Founding Dean of Jefferson School of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University

Dr David Nash

Reforming healthcare requires rethinking the way chronic conditions are managed. It demands a shift from a focus on sickness care, to a whole-person approach, to care management. In this exclusive thought leadership webinar, Dr. Nash provides an overview of population health management and its real-world applications.