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Educational materials for Vision

Utilize the following materials to communicate available enrollment dates and locations. You can choose from a video, intranet banners, email templates, enrollment posters, and payroll inserts.

Video – "What is Vision Coverage?"

Provides a short video to explain the benefit offerings. You may download the video to share.

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WMV (3 MB) - English - Runtime: 1 min, 07 sec

Stay Smart Stay Healthy

WMV – English

Download videos

ZIP (6.74 MB) - Includes: WMV, MP4

Web banners

Use these banners on your internal website to promote your benefit offerings. You may choose to link the banners to the product overview page above or your own web page.

Download web banners

ZIP (90.8 K)

Email message templates

Introduce your benefit offerings with these easy to use templates you can send in an email. Download the message to share, with employees.

Download email templates

ZIP (381 K) - Includes: HTML, Word

Enrollment meeting materials

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