Information technology

From application architects to consultants, information technology (IT) professionals drive quality through products and services.

Two employees the qualities of a new app displayed on a computer screen.

The center of health and care

IT professionals at Humana make a difference in the communities we serve. Job expectations begin with the administration of systems and developing and implementing software. Professional performance plays a vital role in the end result: transferring meaningful solutions through health informatics and technology innovations. This differentiates us in the marketplace. We are pioneers in processes, architecture and quality.

Work culture

IT professionals at Humana work in an environment where new and advanced technologies are embraced and leveraged. Leaders are dedicated to helping you expand your talents by providing new and exciting challenges. This stimulates innovative thinking, encourages simplicity and cultivates uniqueness.


In addition to numerous locations in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana recently opened a new location in Boston's Seaport neighborhood. Studio H is expected to hire 250 employees in the next 5 years. It will focus on business strategies rather than data to provide products and services company-wide.

Career opportunities

Most-often recruited positions include:

  • Software engineers
  • Managers
  • Technology consultants
  • Application architects
  • Project manager
  • Security engineers
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