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Pharmacy residency program

Be part of the next generation of pharmacy leaders. Through systematic training, you’ll see the whole picture of the populations we serve.

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Managed care pharmacy residency program

The residency program allows the resident to collaborate and make contributions within multi-disciplinary teams to support our members in achieving their best health. The program structure provides learning with formulary, drug utilization and trend management, application of best clinical practices using analytics to provide pharmaceutical care in population health. You will gain experience in an integrated health plan and pharmacy benefit management setting preparing you for a successful career as a managed care pharmacist.

Hear from leaders about different parts of the program, the impact it has for Humana and most importantly the opportunity it can bring to participants.

Program Purpose

PGY1 pharmacy residency programs build on Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD.) education and outcomes to contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists responsible for medication-related care of patients with a wide range of conditions, eligible for board certification, and eligible for postgraduate year two (PGY2) pharmacy residency training. A managed care pharmacy residency will provide systematic training of pharmacists to achieve professional competence in the delivery of patient care and managed care practice.

Humana is such a special place, and there are so many programs that I'm proud of as I look back on my career and what's happened in our company. One of the programs I'm most proud of is our Humana pharmacy residency program. We recognized that we had a need to help develop and advance our pharmacy benefit manager and mail order pharmacy. We also recognized that the opportunity for pharmacists to make a difference in the delivery of care to our members was so impactful. The Humana residency program is very valuable, and you will truly come out of this residency being a well-rounded managed care pharmacist. I tell new residents to think of every day as an interview and so, at the end of the residency, there's so much advantage in the network that you build of other pharmacists who want to support you in your career here. The residency program is a training program that bridges education with career experience. It's a 12-month program and so, the residents have the opportunity to come in and work in different areas of the organization and grow themselves. There are so many opportunities here. It's endless. You could come here and likely work in every area of pharmacy or across healthcare services. I could have virtually seven to eight different pharmacy careers that were really unrelated to each other all under the same umbrella of Humana. The residency program offers really a unique value. Residents get the opportunity to come in and navigate through the entire enterprise as it relates to pharmacy and learn how they fit within the much bigger picture of focused training. We've got a tremendous number of examples of past residents who are in leadership roles today. We can easily place those folks in different segments of the business because of their residency experience and the foundation that they had built. Humana is always forward-thinking. We're always steps ahead. One great example is the focus on consumer experience. What I love about working at Humana really is the associate-centric attitude that our leadership takes, not only from our benefits, but also the ability to pursue new and different opportunities that challenge me across my career in my lifetime. I love how we make our associates a priority and believe that the associate is the key reason in which we deliver results. When I first came to Humana, one of the things that drove me here was that I can directly influence an individual person's care all the way to a population of people's care. At Humana, I have a really great job because I get to live in the space between pharmacy and innovation across healthcare services. We're looking at new ways to collaborate and to integrate our clinical services. What I love about working at Humana is the opportunity to really go beyond what is strictly specific to my job, and it's allowed me the opportunity to grow beyond being just kind of pigeonholed in a specific area in pharmacy. It opens up just a lot more opportunities. We now have a number of our residents who are leading material parts of our business, and there's no prouder moment than to see people grow and to see their careers advance.

Program highlights

  • Benefits – As a program participant, you will enjoy all of the benefits provided to Humana associates, including medical insurance, 401K, competitive compensation, and no weekend staffing.
  • Enhance your clinical and business acumen
  • Receive training within an integrated health plan; pharmacy benefit manager and health plan
  • Join a team passionate about making a positive impact on quality, adherence and access to therapy

Learning Experiences:

  • Clinical policy and formulary management – Participate in 4 key areas of focus that include:
    1. Formulary strategy
    2. Policy development
    3. Pipeline and trend
    4. Formulary management
  • Specialty pharmacy – Participate in a comprehensive approach to managing specialty drugs within a managed care environment, including utilization management and clinical programs.
  • Patient safety programs & CMS STARS – Participate in clinical programs to improve medication usage and safety, and associated HEDIS and CMS Star Ratings.
  • Medication Therapy Management and Strategy – Perform complete medication reviews (CMR) on Humana members with chronic conditions in order to improve therapeutic outcomes and reduce the risk of adverse events. Participate in strategy and design for new clinical programs that support medication therapy management.
  • Teaching Certificate – Complete the online teaching certificate course provided by American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) to develop practice-related educational skills including preceptorship of pharmacy students.
  • Research project – Complete a research project and prepare a manuscript that could be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. The research project will be presented as a poster at a national pharmacist meeting.
  • Professional and Leadership Development – Further your leadership skills in hands-on classes and other professional development opportunities. Focus includes furthering skills in self-awareness and emotional intelligence, handling conflict and approaching difficult conversations.

How to apply

The 12-month program begins in July. Apply through the Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service by December 31.

Visit: Phorcas, opens new window to apply.

Applicants must include the following information:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Three professional letters of recommendation
  • PharmD with official university transcript from an ACPE accredited school of pharmacy
  • Letter of intent, 500 words or less, explaining "Why you are pursuing a managed care pharmacy residency and what you hope to gain from Humana’s program?"

Candidates must be licensed or eligible for licensure in state or jurisdiction in which the residency program is conducted (Kentucky). Selected candidates will participate in on-site interviews.

Program location

Selected candidates will participate in an on-site interview in Louisville, Kentucky. To plan your visit, explore, opens new window. Known for the Kentucky Derby and all things bourbon, Louisville, with its southern charm, is a thriving city that offers something for every personality. The city's economy is in transition, combining a reliance on traditional industries with redevelopment to attract new business enterprises. The face of the city has been changed by a downtown renaissance fueled by $2 billion in public and private investment. The metropolitan area spans 7 counties in Kentucky and Indiana and enjoys the advantages of both urban and rural living. The Louisville metropolitan area has a thriving art community, an affordable cost of living, neighborhoods for any lifestyle and a diverse population.

Meet Humana alumni members and discover what they have to say about Humana's pharmacy residency program.

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Humana's program is accredited by ASHP in partnership with the AMCP.

Contact the residency program director

Debbie Meyer, B.Sc. Pharmacy