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Executive Physician Immersion Program: First Impressions of Louisville

Current participants in the Executive Physician Immersion Program talk about their first impressions of Louisville.

Well, Louisville, first impressions, it's a great town.

I was pleasantly surprised that it was as big as it was. I guess assumed it would be a smaller city than it was, but it's actually a pretty nice city with lots of stuff to do, so I'm happy.

I found it to be a big enough city to have lots to offer, yet at the same time small enough to be very accessible.

We can live close to the city. We can walk to coffee shops. People are super friendly. Within a week we knew all our neighbors and had their phone numbers, versus Chicago, I didn't know a lot of my neighbors ever, so it's been a nice change.

So far, I love Louisville. It's a lot of trees, numerous space to—a lot of nature, and best of all no traffic compared to what I'm used to.

Louisville is also very eclectic, I think. It has a very unique vibe of being sort of a Southern city but also a Midwestern city at the same time, and so you find very unique cultural experiences here.

People are just so friendly out here. You know, open to helping you with directions and whatnot. Definitely a difference from the Los Angeles crowd.

My impression of Louisville so far has been positive. It's been better than I expected. When I was telling people I'm going to Louisville, Kentucky, people were wondering why I would be coming to Louisville, but you know, it's been really good so far.

Executive Physician Immersion Program: One physician's point of view

Medical Director Amal Agarwal shares his thoughts on the Executive Physician Immersion Program.

So the executive physician immersion program, I look at it as almost a functional MBA. It's a residency, if you will, in business. So typically physicians are trained to be clinical physicians, clinical people, bedside, right? And we may go and get an MBA secondary degree, but how do you actually get to practice that and learn and matriculate that? And that's what this program is really designed to do. Humana recognized a few years ago that if we really are going to become the healthcare company, we need more clinical leaders, and so to develop a clinical leader, we can start—grab some young talent, give them 2 years' exposure to the company, teach them about insurance, teach them how to be in a corporate setting, and then hopefully kind of give them a springboard to move throughout the company. So over 2 years, you get to spend a period within various departments of Humana. One, you're learning the in and out of Humana, but two, you're also learning about health insurance, and then three, you're learning about population health and why good health equals good outcomes. So I look at it as kind of a 2-year functional training on the job, kind of getting your feet wet in corporate culture.

Meet our current and alumni Executive Physician Immersion Program participants

Current participants Alumni

Portrait of Tich Changamire, M.D., Ph.D., MBA

Tich Changamire, M.D., Ph.D., MBA

Tich Changamire, M.D., Ph.D., MBA, is a board-certified family physician with a strong interest in value-based healthcare, population health, clinical quality improvement, and the business of healthcare. His experience includes incorporating entrepreneurship, innovation and data analytics to solve contemporary healthcare challenges, and his competencies include strong analytical, interpersonal and business skills.

At Humana, he hopes to leverage his experience to enhance access and improve quality of care for Humana-insured patients through collaboration with healthcare systems and providers.

Dr. Changamire joins Humana from the Greenville Health System in South Carolina, where he was medical director at the Center for Family Medicine, as well as the director of physician leadership development at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Greenville. He has served as a professor of family medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston and the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Greenville. Dr. Changamire also has experience with large corporations and public sector institutions as a consultant with Bain and Company and the World Bank.

A graduate of the University of Zimbabwe (M.D.), Harvard University (Ph.D.) and Stanford University (MBA), Dr. Changamire completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle. He serves as a board director for a global health nonprofit organization that provides accessible and affordable healthcare in developing countries.

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Portrait of Jonas de Souza, M.D., MBA

Jonas de Souza, M.D., MBA

Medical oncologist Jonas de Souza, M.D., MBA, joined Humana in July 2017 after an academic career at the University of Chicago.

Originally from Brazil, Dr. de Souza is a graduate of the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, moving to the United States in 2005 to complete his internal medicine residency at the University of Texas, Houston, McGovern Medical School. Dr. de Souza then pursued a medical oncology fellowship at the University of Chicago, where he served as an assistant professor of medicine until 2017. While in Chicago, Dr. de Souza earned an MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

As a physician, Dr. de Souza focused on treating patients with head/neck and thyroid malignancies, leading several clinical trials. In his research role, he devoted himself to the study of value in healthcare, particularly the concept of financial toxicity—the financial burden patients face in order to be treated. Dr. de Souza developed the only validated patient-reported outcome measure to assess financial toxicity and was the creator of the Cost of Cancer Care , opens new window portal.

Dr. de Souza was an early advocate for value-based reimbursement models and personalized value in oncology. He has written several peer-reviewed articles about this topic, and his work has been widely mentioned in the media, including The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

As a strong advocate for decreasing healthcare costs, outside of work, Dr. de Souza serves as a board member of the Patient Access Network Foundation and the Value in Cancer Care Consortium.

In his spare time, Dr. de Souza enjoys spending time with his wife, Malisa, and daughter, Juliana, and exploring all Louisville, Kentucky, has to offer.

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Portrait of Adrienne McFadden, M.D., J.D.

Adrienne McFadden, M.D., J.D.

Adrienne McFadden, M.D., J.D., has diverse professional experience that includes clinical, administrative, academic and public health leadership. Dr. McFadden specializes in population health and health equity. She has dedicated much of her career to promoting opportunities for improved health in disadvantaged communities.

Prior to joining Humana, Dr. McFadden was the director of health equity at the Virginia Department of Health. She served as a senior adviser to the state commissioner of health, overseeing minority health, rural health and primary care. Dr. McFadden’s work addressed social and economic policies and practices that created barriers to health—engaging and empowering communities, using data to inform policy and educating stakeholders and communities about social justice.

Dr. McFadden also served as the inaugural medical director and faculty member at the South University Physician Assistant Program in Richmond, Virginia. She drew from her medical, public health and legal experience to provide a full-spectrum perspective of health and healthcare for the university’s physician assistant and health sciences programs.

Prior to working in public health, Dr. McFadden practiced emergency medicine in a variety of settings, including large urban academic centers, private suburban community hospitals, small rural hospitals, and free-standing emergency departments. She also acquired a variety of legal experience in both the public and private sectors.

A native of Maryland, Dr. McFadden completed her undergraduate education at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and earned medical and law degrees from Duke University. She completed her emergency medicine residency at the University of Maryland.

Dr. McFadden is board-certified in emergency medicine and is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and the American College of Legal Medicine.

She spends the majority of her spare time enjoying the company of loved ones and traveling to jazz music festivals.

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Portrait of Andrew (Drew) Dahlgren, MD, MBA

Andrew (Drew) Dahlgren, MD, MBA

Andrew (Drew) Dahlgren, M.D., MBA, is a sports medicine and family medicine physician most recently from Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Dahlgren completed his medical school training at Wayne State University and his MBA at the University of Michigan. He also completed a sports medicine fellowship at the University of Michigan and has served as team physician for multiple teams including the prestigious role as team physician for USA Swimming for the National and Olympic teams. Most recently Dr. Dahlgren completed his fellowship in patient safety through the Lexington, Kentucky, VA Medical Center. He is triple-boarded in family medicine, sports medicine and obesity medicine.

Dr. Dahlgren has worked in multiple clinical roles including as the director of sports medicine for several hospital systems and private practice groups. Over the past several months, while simultaneously completing his fellowship, Dr. Dahlgren served as a physician surveyor for the Hospital Accreditation Program at The Joint Commission. During this time, Dr. Dahlgren also completed his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

While he was at the Lexington VA Medical Center, Dr. Dahlgren worked on many of the social determinants of health including food security. He worked to establish a permanent onsite food pantry, the purpose of which was to serve the at-risk veteran population and increase the awareness of food security issues among veterans. He hopes to continue to work on issues around social determinants of health as well as quality and safety issues affecting members of the Humana community. Outside of work Dr. Dahlgren likes to swim, bike and run and hopes to return to triathlons in the near future.

Portrait of Amal Agarwal, D.O., MBA

Amal Agarwal, D.O., MBA

Amal Agarwal, D.O., MBA, is a board-certified emergency room physician with clinical, entrepreneurial, administrative and operational experience. Dr. Agarwal's mission is to help with the necessary transition from a fee-for-service model to a value-based care model through patient and physician engagement. By merging both patient and healthcare provider data, he hopes to improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Agarwal is uniquely leveraged, having functioned as chief medical officer for a health analytics platform, pharmaceutical consultant for Navigant, healthcare consultant for Accenture and now as medical director in the Executive Physician Immersion Program at Humana. After completing his Six Sigma Green Belt training, he is a firm believer that poor results are primarily attributed to process rather than people.

Outside of work, Dr. Agarwal advises several healthcare startups. He received his MBA from the University of Illinois, his medical degree from Des Moines University and his B.S. in finance and accounting from Washington University in St. Louis. He completed his residency in emergency medicine at the University of Florida.

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Portrait of Marissa Malen, M.D., J.D., MBA

Marissa Malen, M.D., J.D., MBA

"The Humana Executive Physician Immersion Program has allowed me to see firsthand the benefits and challenges facing physicians, patients and payers as they move toward a fully integrated, value-driven health ecosystem. In addition, the program has allowed me to learn how core areas of the business come together with a goal of improving health outcomes on a larger scale, enhancing the value of care for Humana-covered patients and their physicians and clinicians."

Prior to joining Humana and participating in the Executive Physician Immersion Program, Marissa Malen, M.D., J.D., MBA, was the interim medical director for a veterans' compensation and pension company. She also performed in-home assessments to better understand the patient experience.

Dr. Malen then served as a physician lead at Humana, overseeing the clinical interoperability consulting team under Humana's health information technology group. She worked closely with physicians and other healthcare professionals, offering support as they worked to deliver the best possible care.

Through the Executive Physician Immersion Program, Dr. Malen was able to leverage these experiences while gaining in-depth knowledge of Humana's business.

Dr. Malen was born and raised in New York, where she graduated with honors from Cornell University. She received her medical degree from SUNY Downstate Health Science Center at Brooklyn and completed her transitional internship at New York-Presbyterian/Queens. After completing her transitional internship, Dr. Malen finished her ophthalmology residency at New York Medical College. From New York, she moved to Indiana, where she received glaucoma fellowship training, a J.D. and an MBA from Indiana University (Indianapolis).

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Portrait of Toyosi Okurounmu, M.D., M.P.H., MBA

Toyosi Okurounmu, M.D., M.P.H., MBA

"The Humana Executive Physician Immersion Program has helped me develop a global understanding of the healthcare industry, including regulations, health plan benefit design, sales and marketing, network management and the support that value-based physician groups require to excel. The program fosters effective collaboration across large and diverse teams who function in a matrix environment to ensure optimal outcomes in our highly complex, market-driven healthcare industry."

Toyosi Okurounmu, M.D., M.P.H., MBA, joined Humana's Executive Physician Immersion Program in July 2015. She brought diverse professional experience with her, including primary care redesign for value-based care, serving as a content expert and transformation facilitator for NCQA-recognized patient-centered medical homes in the Atlanta area, as well as global health HIV programming.

Prior to joining Humana, Dr. Okurounmu was program director for the preventive medicine residency at Emory University. In this role, she managed program resources, redesigned the curriculum to ensure fidelity with regulated mandates and facilitated public/industry partnerships to support trainee career transitions. She regularly taught epidemiology, biostatistics, health services administration and management, leadership development and clinical preventive medicine. She became faculty at Emory University after completing preventive medicine training, during which she helped certify 9 primary care practices as NCQA Level 3 patient-centered medical homes, initially at Grady Health System and subsequently at Emory Healthcare.

She also established a lifestyle medicine clinical practice for patients with chronic diseases seeking to make meaningful behavior change with their nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, sleep and relationships. This clinical model's objectives were to help patients with stable chronic diseases improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Previously, she worked in Nigeria, establishing HIV care/treatment centers and training physicians on HIV primary care after completing an NIH-AIDS International Training and Research Program.

Dr. Okurounmu is board-certified in family medicine and preventive medicine. Her family medicine training was at Indiana University Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis and her preventive medicine training was at Emory University. She completed medical school at University of Lagos, Nigeria, and earned a combined M.P.H. and MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

After completing the Executive Physician Immersion Program, Dr. Okurounmu joined the Healthcare Services team, through which she helps with Humana At Home℠ strategy and operations for value-based relationships.

Dr. Okurounmu enjoys art and culture in her spare time.

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Portrait of Dariusz Mydlarz, M.D., M.P.H.

Dariusz Mydlarz, M.D., M.P.H.

Dariusz Mydlarz, M.D., M.P.H., has diverse professional experience that encompasses both military and civilian settings, including clinical and executive management in preventive and occupational medicine, population health, healthcare analytics and health systems. He hopes to leverage innovative population health methods and his health systems experience to drive growth and enhance value for Humana-covered patients and their physicians through improved clinical outcomes.

Prior to joining Humana, Dr. Mydlarz served as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army. He directed Army National Guard preventive and occupational medicine programs for 54 states and territories at the National Guard Bureau in Washington, D.C. His efforts focused on developing a comprehensive Army National Guard web and social media-based health promotion program for injury and illness prevention and health-risk reduction. During his tenure, Dr. Mydlarz also pivoted the Army National Guard's national medical surveillance program toward a more evidence-based and occupational-hazard-driven approach. He experienced firsthand the intricacies of a complex, nationwide healthcare system and the inherent challenges and opportunities it presents.

Previously, Dr. Mydlarz served as a medical director in primary care settings in central Indiana and Baltimore. He focused on patient engagement, value-based primary care delivery, continuous clinical quality improvement and established chronic disease management programs.

Dr. Mydlarz is board-certified in both preventive and occupational environmental medicine. He earned his medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine, completed preventive medicine training at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington, D.C., and completed his occupational and environmental medicine training at Johns Hopkins University. In addition, he earned an M.P.H. from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Mydlarz and his wife, Kara, spend much of their spare time with their active, jolly and ever-inquisitive twin infant sons, Griffin and Colin. His other two sons, Anthony and Alexander, ages 10 and 12, live in Maryland. He also enjoys sports and fitness, music, creative writing, theater and travel.

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Portrait of Mark Steffen, M.D., M.P.H.

Mark Steffen, M.D., M.P.H.

"The Executive Physician Immersion Program was an essential component of my professional development that enhanced my transition from clinical and administrative medicine to a leadership role within Humana. The program allowed me to better understand the ever-evolving healthcare landscape while honing my business skills and enhancing my expertise in population medicine. The deep and broad exposure with executive mentorship has positioned me to be part of the solution within an innovative company that is focused on helping our members achieve their best health."

Having had the opportunity to work in multiple settings, including everything from rural primary care to academic medicine, Mark Steffen, M.D., M.P.H., has experienced firsthand the barriers faced by patients to get and stay healthy and by physicians to guide and support patients in doing so. Through the Executive Physician Immersion Program, he had the opportunity to learn about, develop and influence policies and programs that can help reduce these barriers and ultimately improve the health and healthcare of patients and populations.

Prior to the program, Dr. Steffen was a consultant at Mayo Clinic, where he was director of its preventive medicine clinic, associate director of its preventive medicine fellowship and chair of education for its division of preventive, occupational and aerospace medicine. His background and initial training was in family medicine, practicing rural family medicine in a small town in Minnesota for several years before transitioning into a role directing employee health and wellness for a community hospital. It was in this role that his passion for population health was sparked, and to pursue this further, he entered the preventive medicine fellowship at Mayo Clinic and eventually stayed on staff.

Dr. Steffen has 3 active board certifications, including family medicine, preventive medicine and occupational medicine. He also has a master's degree in public health from the University of Minnesota.

After completing Humana's Executive Physician Immersion Program, Dr. Steffen was appointed lead medical director of CKD/ESRD strategy.

In his spare time, Dr. Steffen spends as much time as he can with his wife, Melissa, daughter, Gracie, and son, Cole, who keep him active and inspired daily. He has a passion for fitness and most mornings can be found in the gym. The most recent addition to his personal hobbies is coffee roasting.

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Portrait of Meredith Williams McKiernan, M.D., MBA

Meredith Williams McKiernan, M.D., MBA

"The Executive Physician Immersion Program was essential in my successful transition from full-time clinical practice to leadership within Humana. The insurance industry is complex and evolving. The program provided me the dedicated mentorship, deep project emersion and breadth of experience needed for success. Physicians and health plans have to work together ever more closely as population health and outcomes-based care continues to grow. Humana had the vision to see how a cohort of physicians with deep business knowledge will position it, and the program participants, for future success."

Meredith Williams, M.D., MBA, graduated magna cum laude from Yale University with a degree in history and then received her M.D. from Baylor College of Medicine and her MBA from Rice University. She completed her residency in emergency medicine at the University of Chicago prior to joining Humana's Executive Physician Immersion Program.

Upon program completion, Dr. Williams McKiernan stayed with Humana as a field vice president for provider network in Kentucky and West Virginia. She is now the lead medical director for the Care Decisions Insights program, overseeing 22 states in the northern U.S. The program partners closely with physicians and hospitals, using data to identify opportunities to improve value in healthcare through reducing cost and improving quality.

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