Service operations

When you join the Humana service operations team, you become a part of building internal and external partnerships.

[image alt text: A service operations specialist speaks to a customer through a headset.]

Job overview

At Humana, our goal is to deliver excellent service through relationships with businesses. This allows us to play a supportive role in the well-being journey for members. Specialists on service operations teams deliver simplified, consumer-centric methods.

From software to equipment, Humana provides many products and services. Humana partners with employers or third-party groups, agents and brokers, and delivers resources through vendor partners. Humana communicates with members via traditional, high-touch and digital channels, such as telephone, chat and social media. This leverages channels that best align with our customers.

Humana service operation specialists are equipped with effective communication tools and methods to maintain strong relationships with vendors and partners to align with the needs of our members. These processes include business-to-consumer or B2C and business-to-business or B2B.

Career opportunities

Popular recruited positions include:

  • Customer Care Specialist
  • Claims Specialist
  • Analyst
  • Frontline Leader
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