Humana employees and members know that health happens where you live, learn, work and play.

Bold Goal: The communities we serve will be 20% healthier by 2020 because we make it easy for people to achieve their best health.

Humana strives to provide business and health strategies that allow employees to focus on their own health. By following Bold Goals, employees may influence Humana members to take action and make better choices. This improves sense of purpose and belonging.

Together, members and employees are striving to close the gap between people and care. Insights from 2017 are powerful:

  • Seniors living in our Bold Goal communities continue to outperform other communities we measure
  • Humana employees accumulated 1.8 million more healthy days over the last 5 years, an 18% improvement
  • Knoxville, Tennessee, saw a 5.4% improvement in healthy days due to community outreach efforts
  • We have cut down barriers and expanded our clinical community interventions around food insecurity, loneliness and social isolation