At Humana, our perfect experience is focused on values and principles that are people centered.

Vision and principles

Caring for people and their health is at the heart of creating the perfect experience. With a focus on people first, we’re creating personal, simple, connected experiences that inspire the people we serve to embrace us as a health partner for life.

Know me

  • Approach me as a person
  • Have a full picture of my health
  • Meet me where I am
  • Anticipate my needs
  • Don’t make me repeat myself

Show me you care

  • Ask me about me
  • Listen before talking
  • Respect me
  • Be transparent
  • Don’t just check the box
  • Do right by me

Make it easy

  • Connect the dots
  • Coordinate activities
  • Streamline
  • Be consistent
  • Provide context
  • Simplify

Help me

  • Help me understand
  • Be my advocate
  • Facilitate access
  • Be proactive
  • Provide alternative solutions